10 Facts about Alexander Miles

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Facts about Alexander Miles talk about the famous African American inventor.  In 1887, Miles got a patent for his elevator door design. It can be automatically opened and closed.  This invention is very important at that time. Find out more ideas about Miles below:

Facts about Alexander Miles 1: life span

Alexander Miles was born on 18 May 1838. He passed away on 7 May 1918. He got his fame after he created an automatic elevator door design.

Facts about Alexander Miles 2: the US patent

Due to his famous invention, he listed his design of automatically elevator door on 11 October 1887. His US patents was enlisted in U.S. Patent 371,207.

Alexander Miles Design

Alexander Miles Design

Facts about Alexander Miles 3: place of birth

Can you guess the place of birth of Alexander Miles? He was born in Ohio. The people estimate that he was born in the Pickaway County. It is located in Circleville town. Check out facts about Alexander Fleming here.

Facts about Alexander Miles 4: parents

His mother was Mary Pompey, while his father was Michael Miles. During his early life, he lived in Chillicothe town.  The he decided to live in Waukesha, Wisconsin.  He collected the money in the town by being a barber.

Alexander Miles Elevator Door

Alexander Miles Elevator Door

Facts about Alexander Miles 5: marriage

He married to a widow named Mrs. Candace J Dunlap. This woman came from La Porte Indiana. Both met when Miles moved to Winona, Minnesota. This widow was four years older than Miles. She was native to New York and had two children.

Facts about Alexander Miles 6: a daughter

From his marriage with Candace, Miles had a daughter who was born in 1876. He named it Grace. Then the family decided to move to Duluth, Minnesota.

Alexander Miles Inventor

Alexander Miles Inventor

Facts about Alexander Miles 7: a laborer

Then Miles worked as a laborer after the listed himself with this profession in the city directories. At that time, the family moved to Chicago, Illinois in 1889.

Facts about Alexander Miles 8: an insurance agent

He listed his profession as an insurance agent in 1900. Then he worked as a barber in a hotel after the family moved to Seattle Washington in 1903.

Alexander Miles

Alexander Miles

Facts about Alexander Miles 9: his design on elevator door

His design on the elevator door is very magnificent.  The elevator door will be automated by having a series of levers and rollers. The elevator cage will be attached with a flexible belt which enables the shaft door to open and close automatically. Find out facts about Alexander Graham Bell here.

Facts about Alexander Miles 10: safety

By using his design, the elevator safety is increased. The shaft door will only be opened to close if the belt has a contact with the drum devices. They are located below and above the doors.

Facts about Alexander Miles

Facts about Alexander Miles

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