10 Facts about Alexander Rodchenko

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Get the ideas about the famous graphic designer, sculptor, artist and photographer from Russia in Facts about Alexander Rodchenko. Rodchenko was born on 23 November 1891 and passed away on 3 December 1956. His full name is Alexander Mikhailovich Rodchenko. Here are more facts about him:

Facts about Alexander Rodchenko 1: Varvara Stepanova

His wife is also an artist. She is Varvara Stepanova. Rodchenko is credited as one of the founders of Russian design and constructivism. He was one of the famous artists who emerged after the Russian revolution. People call it him as a versatile artist.

Facts about Alexander Rodchenko 2: the early career

During his early career, he focused more to become a graphic designer and painter. But now he also expanded his interest into photomontage and photography.

Alexander Rodchenko Artist

Alexander Rodchenko Artist

Facts about Alexander Rodchenko 3: odd angles

His photography is very unique since he often captures the objects from the odd angles. It is different from the conventional photography. He wanted to shock the viewers by capturing the object from the high above or down below angles.

Facts about Alexander Rodchenko 4: place of birth

Rodchenko was born in St Petersburg. His family was not rich for they came from a working class. In 1909, his father died and the family relocated to Kazan.

Alexander Rodchenko Photo

Alexander Rodchenko Photo

Facts about Alexander Rodchenko 5: art magazines

He only got inspiration from the art magazines when he decided to become an artist.

Facts about Alexander Rodchenko 6: Kazan Art School

He attended Kazan Art School in 1910. His teachers include Nicolai Fechin and Georgii Medvedev. In that school, he met his future wife, Varvara Stepanova.

Alexander Rodchenko Pic

Alexander Rodchenko Pic

Facts about Alexander Rodchenko 7: Stroganov Institute

He moved to Moscow in 1914 and studied at Stroganov Institute where he could improve his artistic training. He also created the first abstract drawing when he was in the institute. Suprematism of Kazimir Malevich influenced his first works.

Facts about Alexander Rodchenko 8: Vladimir Tatlin

Vladimir Tatlin held an exhibition called The Store.  Rodchenko participated in that event.

Alexander Rodchenko Picture

Alexander Rodchenko Picture

Facts about Alexander Rodchenko 9: painting

If you check out his painting, you can look at the depiction of Futurism and Cubism. Malevich’s Suprematist compositions can be seen too in his works since he decorated a white background with geometric forms.Get facts about Alexander Calder here.

Facts about Alexander Rodchenko 10: Director of the Museum Bureau and Purchasing Fund

In 1920, the Bolshevik Government appointed him as Director of the Museum Bureau and Purchasing Fund.

Facts about Alexander Rodchenko

Facts about Alexander Rodchenko

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