10 Facts about Alfie Deyes

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Facts about Alfie Deyes tell you about the famous English author, YouTuber and vlogger. There are several YouTube channels that he runs such as AlfieGames, PointlessBlog and PointlessBlogTv. He also creates a book. The Pointless Book is released in 2014. In 2015, he will release two more books. Find out more facts about Deyes below

Facts about Alfie Deyes 1: PointlessBlog YouTube channel

One of his famous channels is PointlessBlog YouTube channel.  He created the channel in 2009. Is Charlie Really So Cool Like was the video posted for the first time in his YouTube Channel.

Facts about Alfie Deyes 2: the Channel in 2014

He began the channel in 2009. Based on the report in December 2014, you can find 195 videos. There are 3.4 million subscribers who check the channel.  The views of his channel can reach 170 million views.

Alfie Deyes Facts

Alfie Deyes Facts

Facts about Alfie Deyes 3: followers

Deyes is very popular. You have to check his Instagram and Twitter. He has more than 2 million followers in Instagram and 2 million followers in Twitter.

Facts about Alfie Deyes 4: Yahoo! News

It is very surprising to know that Deyes was included as one of the 12 Web Savvy entrepreneurs to watch based on Yahoo! News.  The list was shown based on the report in December 2013.

Alfie Deyes Image

Alfie Deyes Image

Facts about Alfie Deyes 5: Company magazine

You can also see Deyes in Company magazine. You can check his picture on the cover of January 2014 issue.

Facts about Alfie Deyes 6: Youtubers

Deyes is one of the great Youtubers. But he also collaborated with other people such as Tyler Oakley, Tanya Burr, Miranda Sings, Zoe Sugg, Joe Sugg, Harley Morenstein and Grace Helbig.

Alfie Deyes Style

Alfie Deyes Style

Facts about Alfie Deyes 7: Ariana Grande

Deyes also made a collaboration with the famous singer Ariana Grande. He made several videos for this wonderful girl on YouGeneration network. Find out another singer in Akon facts.

Facts about Alfie Deyes 8: World Record

Deyes became a member of “Guinness World Records OMG!” channel in 2013. He also got several world records here.

Alfie Deyes

Alfie Deyes

Facts about Alfie Deyes 9: Blink Publishing

In 2014, Deyes signed a contract with Blink Publishing to create his book with the title ‘The Pointless Book’.

Facts about Alfie Deyes 10: The Pointless Book

If you check out The Pointless Book by Deyes, you will get information about the social media integration, and free downloadable apps. This book is created like a journal.

Facts about  Alfie Deyes

Facts about Alfie Deyes

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