10 Facts about Alfred Adler

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Let me show you the interesting Facts about Alfred Adler if you want to know the Austrian psychotherapist and medical doctor. Do you know that he is the founder of the school of Individual psychology?  There are many theories that he developed. Check out more facts about Adler by reading the following post below:

Facts about Alfred Adler 1: life span

Alfred Alder was born on 5 February 1870 at Mariahilfer Straße 208 in Rudolfsheim. He passed away on 28 May 1937.

Facts about Alfred Adler 2: the family life

His father was a Hungarian born Jewish grand merchant. There were seven children in the family and he was the third child.

Alfred Adler Data

Alfred Adler Data

Facts about Alfred Adler 3: Pneumonia

Alfred Adler developed his interest to become a physician when he was four years old. At that time, he developed pneumonia and the doctor stated that he was lost.

Facts about Alfred Adler 4: subjects

There were several subjects who gained Adler’s interest such as philosophy, sociology and psychology. He decided to choose the specialty at eye doctor after he went to University of Vienna. Then he specialized at neurology and psychiatry. Get facts about Abraham Maslow here.

Alfred Adler Facts

Alfred Adler Facts

Facts about Alfred Adler 5: a medical degree

He got medical degree from the University of Vienna in 1895. He was involved a lot with a group of socialist students. One of them was Raissa Timofeyewna Epstein. She was social activist and an intellectual from Russia.

Facts about Alfred Adler 6: Raissa Timofeyewna Epstein

Raissa Timofeyewna Epstein and Alfred Adler wedded in 1897. They were blessed with four children. Alexandra Adler became a socialist activist, psychiatric and writer. Kurt Adler was a psychiatric.

Alfred Adler Image

Alfred Adler Image

Facts about Alfred Adler 7: personality development

In his theory, Alfred Adler explained that the key role of personality development lied on the inferiority complex. He called it as an isolating element.

Facts about Alfred Adler 8: “Individual Psychology”

The psychology of Alfred Adler is called as “Individual Psychology” because he viewed human being as an individual whole.

Alfred Adler Quotes

Alfred Adler Quotes

Facts about Alfred Adler 9: collaboration

Adler also made collaboration with Sigmund Freud and other colleagues of Freud.

Facts about Alfred Adler 10: the notable figures

There are several notable figures influenced by the work of Alfred Adler such as Viktor Frankl, Rollo May, Albert Ellis, and Abraham Maslow.


Facts about Alfred Adler

Facts about Alfred Adler

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