10 Facts about Alfred Deakin

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Facts about Alfred Deakin provide the information about the Australian politician who was born in 3 August 1856. He passed away on 7 October 1919. This man was famous as the second prime minister in Australia. He was also the leader of Australian federation movement. Find out his early life and political career by reading the following post below:

Facts about Alfred Deakin 1: contribution to Australia

Let’s find out his contribution to Australia. Do you know that he is one of the people who had a big contribution in the establishment of irrigation system in Australia? He also took part to establish liberal reforms.

Facts about Alfred Deakin 2: the family life

His father was William Deakin and his mother was Sarah Bill. His father was an English immigrant. His mother was a daughter of a Shropshire farmer.  In 1853, the family lived in suburban area of Collingwood, Melbourne. He was the second child in the family.

Alfred Deakin Facts

Alfred Deakin Facts

Facts about Alfred Deakin 3: place of birth

Deakin was born on 90 George Street, Fitzroy, and Melbourne. He attended a boarding school at Kyneton at the age of four. But the boarding school was relocated in suburb of South Yarra, Melbourne. Check another politician from Georgia in Alexander Stephens facts.

Facts about Alfred Deakin 4: his school years

During his early school years, he never considered his study seriously. Actually he was a day pupil when he attended Melbourne Church of England Grammar School in 1864.

Alfred Deakin Pictures

Alfred Deakin Pictures

Facts about Alfred Deakin 5: influence

J.H. Thompson and his school headmaster, John Edward Bromby influenced him a lot and made him study more. He was amazed with their oratorical style.

Facts about Alfred Deakin 6: passing the subject

Deakin had basic passes for subjects such as English and Latin and good passes for Euclid, algebra and history. He worked as a private tutor and a schoolteacher while he took law at University at Melbourne.

Alfred Deakin

Alfred Deakin

Facts about Alfred Deakin 7: Charles Henry Pearson

Charles Henry Pearson was the founder of the University Debating Club in 1874. Deakin often participated in this debating club. Then he held the position as the President of Victorian Spiritualists’ Union. Alexander Kerensky facts tell you about the Russian politician.

Facts about Alfred Deakin 8: the founder of an effective Commonwealth government

Alfred Deakin was the founder of an effective Commonwealth government after he finished the legislative program along with Andrew Fisher.

Alfred Deakin Pic

Alfred Deakin Pic

Facts about Alfred Deakin 9: High Court

The High Court was expanded by Deakin. He also developed the Royal Australian Navy by purchasing ships.

Facts about Alfred Deakin 10:1910 election

In 1910 election, Deakin’s liberal party was defeated by Fisher Labor party. Before 1913 election, he resigned from the parliament.

Facts about Alfred Deakin

Facts about Alfred Deakin

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