10 Facts about Alfred Noyes

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If you want to know the famous English short story writer, poet and playwright who wrote The Barrel Organ and The Highwayman, you have to check Facts about Alfred Noyes. Noyes was born on 16 September 1880. He passed away on 25 June 1958. Let’s check out facts about Noyes below:

Facts about Alfred Noyes 1: place of birth

Alfred Noyes was born in Wolverhampton, England. His parents were Alfred and Amelia Adams Noyes. His family moved to Aberystwyth when he was four years old.  In this new town, his father taught Greek and Latin.

Facts about Alfred Noyes 2: the early inspiration

The big inspiration of for Noyes in his early life was the Welsh coast and mountains. Then he studied Exeter College, Oxford. However, he could not get a degree from the college since he left his final and met the publisher to arrange his first volume of poems, The Loom of Years in 1902.

Alfred Noyes Facts

Alfred Noyes Facts

Facts about Alfred Noyes 3: other poem publications

Noyes published other poems in 1903 till 1913. They included 1904 Poems and 1903 The Flower of Old Japan.

Facts about Alfred Noyes 4: “The Highwayman”

“The Highwayman” is the famous poem of Alfred Noyes.  In August 1906, the poem was firstly published in Blackwood’s Magazine. The poem was also included in Forty Singing Seamen and Other Poems. Another writer is explained in Alan Gibbons facts.

Alfred Noyes Image

Alfred Noyes Image

Facts about Alfred Noyes 5: the favorite poem

Due to the popularity, The Highwayman was picked as one of the 15th favorite poem in the nation.  It was based on a poll in 1995 by BBC. Find out another poet in Alfred Lord Tennyson facts here.

Facts about Alfred Noyes 6: Drake

Another major work of Alfred Noyes was Drake. This epic work was in 200 pages.  It was published in two volumes in 1906 and 1908. The epic talks about Sir Francis Drake. He was the Elizabethan naval commander.

Alfred Noyes Pic

Alfred Noyes Pic

Facts about Alfred Noyes 7: influence

Noyes was influenced a lot of the romantic poets such as Wordsworth and Tennyson. In 1913, he published Tales of the Mermaid Tavern. This long poem presented Raleigh, Jonson Marlowe and Shakespeare as the important figures in Elizabethan era.

Facts about Alfred Noyes 8: Sherwood

Sherwood was the only full length play of Noyes published in 1911. The play was re-published again with some changes and entitled as Robin Hood in 1926.

Alfred Noyes Style

Alfred Noyes Style

Facts about Alfred Noyes 9: the first marriage

Noyes married Garnett Daniels in 1907. She was the daughter of Colonel Byron G. Daniels.

Facts about Alfred Noyes 10: Ballade of the Breaking Shell

Ballade of the Breaking Shell is the last poem of Noyes. It was written a month before he passed away in May 1958 at the age of 77 years old.

Facts about Alfred Noyes

Facts about Alfred Noyes

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