10 Facts about Alfred Sisley

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Facts about Alfred Sisley tell you about the famous impressionist landscape painter. Sisley was born on 30 October 1839 in France. On 29 January 1899, he passed away. Even though he spent most of his life living in France, he got a British citizenship. Find out more facts about Sisley below:

Facts about Alfred Sisley 1: paintings

Sisley died at the age of 59 years old. His paintings are his legacy. It is estimated that he has created 900 oil paintings.  The pastel one is around 100 pieces.

Facts about Alfred Sisley 2: painting landscape en plein air

Most of his paintings are in painting landscape en plein air.  He was very consistent when making the paintings. They often depicted the outdoor landscape.

Alfred Sisley Image

Alfred Sisley Image

Facts about Alfred Sisley 3: Impressionism

Sisley is called as one of the important impressionists.  His painting depicted the impressionism. You have to check out his painting about River Thames. He was also interested to depict the beautiful landscape near Moret-sur-Loing. Another genre is explained in Abstract expressionism facts.

Facts about Alfred Sisley 4: colors

You can see the dominant colors of cream, dusty blue, purple, pink, and green in pale shades used to send the tranquil and serene message in his landscape painting of Seine and the bridges. The intensity of colors in his painting increased over the years.

Alfred Sisley Painting

Alfred Sisley Painting

Facts about Alfred Sisley 5: parents

He was the son of William Sisley and Felicia Sell. His father involved in Silk business. His mother worked as a cultivated music connoisseur.

Facts about Alfred Sisley 6: education

When he was 18 years old, Sisley studied business in London in 1857. But he was not interested with this study.  In 1861, he went home in Paris.

Alfred Sisley Pic

Alfred Sisley Pic

Facts about Alfred Sisley 7: art

Sisley was interested with art. He enrolled to Paris École des Beaux-Arts in 1862. He became friends with Claude Monet, Frédéric Bazille, and Pierre-Auguste Renoir. Find out another artist in Albert Namatjira facts.

Facts about Alfred Sisley 8: approach

Sisley decided to paint in outdoor area rather than in a studio because he wanted to capture the view realistically. This approach was very innovative for his paintings looked more colorful to view.

Alfred Sisley

Alfred Sisley

Facts about Alfred Sisley 9: the annual saloon

The annual salon in France often rejected his works. Sisley only had few opportunities to show his works in public. He had to live in poverty after his father’s business failed. His painting got recognition after his death.

Facts about Alfred Sisley 10: trips to Britain

Even though he lived in poverty, the patrons backed him financially. It enabled him to make a trip to Britain.

Facts about Alfred Sisley

Facts about Alfred Sisley

Are you impressed with facts about Alfred Sisley?

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