10 Facts about Alfred Stieglitz

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Let me explain Facts about Alfred Stieglitz to give the interesting ideas about the American modern art promoter and photographer.  He contributed a lot to the acceptance of photography as a form of art. You can check out his galleries in New York to know his full collections of photos.  Here are some interesting facts about Stieglitz for you:

Facts about Alfred Stieglitz 1: life span

Stieglitz was born on 1 January 1864 in Hoboken, New Jersey. He passed away on 13 July 1946. His father lived in 1833 till 1909. He was a German Jewish Immigrant. His mother was Hedwig Ann Werner who lived in 1845 till 1922. Stieglitz was the first son in the family.

Facts about Alfred Stieglitz 2: New York galleries

There are many photos that Stieglitz had captured. You can check on his galleries in New York. He established them in the beginning of 20th century. He also introduced the avant garde artist to United States.

Alfred Stieglitz Facts

Alfred Stieglitz Facts

Facts about Alfred Stieglitz 3: Georgia O’Keeffe

Georgia O’Keeffe was a famous painter. She was the wife of Stieglitz.

Facts about Alfred Stieglitz 4: twins

Stieglitz always wanted to have a soul mate of his own because he was very jealous with the closeness of his twin brothers.

Alfred Stieglitz Photography

Alfred Stieglitz Photography

Facts about Alfred Stieglitz 5: education

Stieglitz attended Charlier Institute in 1871. It was known as the best school in New York. He never felt the challenge of study even though he enjoyed them in that school.

Facts about Alfred Stieglitz 6: moving

His parents decided to send him to the Germany to study there since he wanted him to be challenged in his studies. Alfred Stieglitz went to a middle school Realgymnasium, in Karlsruhe.

Alfred Stieglitz Pic

Alfred Stieglitz Pic

Facts about Alfred Stieglitz 7: the first article

Alfred Stieglitz created the first article for the Amateur Photographer in 1887. It was a new magazine. The title of the article was “A Word or Two about Amateur Photography in Germany”.

Facts about Alfred Stieglitz 8: the first photographic recognition

His first photographic recognition was The Last Joke, Bellagio. It won the first place in the British magazine Amateur Photographer competition. Get facts about Alexander Rodchenko to know another famous photographer.

Alfred Stieglitz

Alfred Stieglitz

Facts about Alfred Stieglitz 9:co-editor

He got a job offer as the co-editor of The American Amateur Photographer in spring of 1893. He accepted the offer. His critical and technical writings gained interest from the readers.

Facts about Alfred Stieglitz 10: the auction

One of the expensive photographs of Alfred was a 1919 palladium print of Georgia O’Keeffe. In February 2006, it was sold in the price 1.47 million dollar.

Facts about Alfred Stieglitz

Facts about Alfred Stieglitz

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