10 Facts about Alfred the Great

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Let me show you Facts about Alfred the Great if you want to know the King of Wessex. He held the throne in 871 till 899. He was born in 849 in village of Wanating. Today the village is called Wantage, Oxfordshire. He passed away on 26 October 899. Here are some interesting facts about Alfred the Great for you:

Facts about Alfred the Great 1: the Viking

The Viking tried to conquer his kingdom, but Alfred the Great could suppress it.  He was considered as the dominant ruler in England.

Facts about Alfred the Great 2: the Great

Alfred is called as Alfred the Great. Do you know that he is the only English monarch called as the Great? Alfred named himself as the King of the Anglo Saxons. He was the first king who did it. Get facts about Alexander The Great here.

Alfred the Great Image

Alfred the Great Image

Facts about Alfred the Great 3: the Alfred’s life

The 10th century Welsh scholar and bishop Asser described the life of Alfred the Great.

Facts about Alfred the Great 4: his reputation

Based on the account, Alfred the Great was described as a devout Christian.  He always encouraged the improvement of military structure, legal system, quality of life of people and education. Find King of Scots in Alexander II facts.

Alfred the Great King

Alfred the Great King

Facts about Alfred the Great 5: parents

Alfred of the Great was the son of King Æthelwulf of Wessex. His mother was the first wife of the king named Osburh.

Facts about Alfred the Great 6: Rome

Alfred went to Rome at the age of four in 853. Pope Leo IV confirmed him and anointed him as king based on the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle.

Alfred the Great Pic

Alfred the Great Pic

Facts about Alfred the Great 7: returning from Rome

In 856, his father and Alfred went home from Rome in 856.  When he was at home, Æthelbald deposed his father, King Æthelwulf. The civil war emerged and finally they negotiated by giving the east area to be ruled by Æthelwulf and the western shires were ruled by Æthelbald.

Facts about Alfred the Great 8: death

In 858, King Æthelwulf passed away. Then the elder brothers of Alfred, Æthelbald, Æthelberht and Æthelred ruled Wessex.

Alfred the Great Statue

Alfred the Great Statue

Facts about Alfred the Great 9: health problems

It is stated that Alfred had health problem during his life. Some scholars estimated that he had Crohn’s disease. But the young Alfred was very smart since he could memorize a volume of poetry in Saxon.

Facts about Alfred the Great 10: Ealhswith

Alfred and Ealhswith married in 868. She was a daughter of Mercial nobleman. Both had five or six children. The one who succeeded him as a king was Edward the Elder.

Facts about Alfred the Great

Facts about Alfred the Great

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