10 Facts about Algebra

Wednesday, December 24th 2014. | Mathematics

If you like to know about mathematics, you have to check Facts about Algebra. Algebra is one of the important parts of mathematics.   Other parts of mathematics that you have to learn besides algebra include geometry, number theory and analysis. Find out more facts about algebra below:

Facts about Algebra 1: the word

The word algebra is taken from the Arabic word, al-jebr. The meaning of this word is reunion of broken parts.

Facts about Algebra 2: the study of algebra

If you decide to study algebra, you have to learn about symbols and rules of manipulating symbols. That’s the general purpose of studying algebra.

Algebra Commutative

Algebra Commutative

Facts about Algebra 3: the items learned in algebra

There are many items that you have to learn in algebra such as the study of abstraction which includes the fields, rings and groups.  If you decide to study elementary algebra, it means that you are studying the basic part of this science.

Facts about Algebra 4: modern algebra

Modern algebra is also called as abstract algebra.  When the algebra has the more abstract part, you are learning the modern algebra.

Algebra Facts

Algebra Facts

Facts about Algebra 5: the function of elementary algebra

Even though the elementary algebra is only the basic part, it is very important in other fields. The algebra is implemented in various studies such as engineering, economic, science, mathematics and medicine. Get information about the famous mathematician in Alexander Grothendieck facts.

Facts about Algebra 6: the abstract algebra

Since the abstract algebra is more complicated, it is often studied by the professional mathematicians.

Algebra Image

Algebra Image

Facts about Algebra 7: Omar Khayyam

Omar Khayyam was an Arabic mathematician who lived in 1048 till 1131. This man created the early work of algebra in the Near East. Another part of mathematics is explained in absolute value facts.

Facts about Algebra 8: algebraist

Algebraist is a term used to call the mathematician who does a research about algebra. The algebra is developed today.  The mathematician can expand it into the non numerical objects such as polynomials, Matrices, and vectors.

Algebra Pic

Algebra Pic

Facts about Algebra 9: algebra today

If you check out the algebra today, it includes matrix theory, 08-General algebraic systems, 17-Nonassociative rings and algebras, 11-Number theory, 18-Category theory, 17-Nonassociative rings and algebras, 14-Algebraic geometry, 16-Associative rings and algebras, and 13-Commutative algebra.

Facts about Algebra 10: algebra in mathematics

François Viète’s work marked the entrance of algebra in mathematics.  It was dated back in 16th century. People still linked algebra with theory of equations until 19th century. Today, it reaches different parts of mathematics.

Facts about Algebra

Facts about Algebra

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