10 Facts about Alger Hiss

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Facts about Alger Hiss talk about the American author, lecturer and lawyer. This man also worked as a government official. He served as the United Nations official and united States State Department. He also contributed to the establishment of United Nations. Find out more facts about Alger Hiss below:

Facts about Alger Hiss 1: life span

Alger Hiss was born on 11 November 1904 and passed away on 15 November 1996. Hiss was accused as a Soviet spy. He was also convicted lying under oath or perjury because of this charge in 1950.

Facts about Alger Hiss 2: Whittaker Chambers

Whittaker Chambers was a former communist party member. He testified that Hiss was not a spy, but he was secretly a communist on 3 August 1948 in front of the House Un-American Activities Committee.

Alger Hiss Case

Alger Hiss Case

Facts about Alger Hiss 3: defamation lawsuit

Hiss denied Chambers’ statement about him. He decided to file a defamation lawsuit since Chambers spread this claim about him on the national radios.

Facts about Alger Hiss 4: new evidence

Chambers presented new evidence that he and Hiss were actually involved with espionage.  Both actually denied the espionage activity on the oath of HUAC. Therefore, Hiss was accused of two counts of perjury by the federal grand jury. He was charged with five years sentences. But he served 3.5 years. On the other hand, Chambers was never charged since he was a very cooperating witness.

Alger Hiss Image

Alger Hiss Image

Facts about Alger Hiss 5: a broader debate

The case of Alger Hiss was still on the debate. People had their own arguments and opinions about the validity or the case and the Soviet espionage, McCarthyism and Cold War. Get facts about Alfred Deakin if you want to know the famous Australian politician.

Facts about Alger Hiss 6: place of birth

Alger Hiss was born in Baltimore, Maryland. His father was Charles Alger Hiss. He worked as an executive in a wholesale dry goods company. His mother was Mary Lavinia.

Alger Hiss Pic

Alger Hiss Pic

Facts about Alger Hiss 7: family life

His family’s life was not good since his father committed suicide when Hiss was only 2 years old.  His mother had to raise her five children alone by relying on the assistance of other family members. When he was in 20s, his sister Mary Ann committed suicide and his brother Bosley passed away because of Bright’s disease.

Facts about Alger Hiss 8: the most popular student

Even though his family life was not great, Hiss was voted as the most popular student. He was bright and high performing.

Alger Hiss Style

Alger Hiss Style

Facts about Alger Hiss 9: education

He went to Baltimore City College and continued his study at Johns Hopkins University. He got the law degree from Harvard Law School in 1929.

Facts about Alger Hiss 10: Priscilla Fansler Hobson

Priscilla Fansler Hobson was the wife of Hiss. Both married in 1929.

Facts about Alger Hiss

Facts about Alger Hiss

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