10 Facts about Algeria

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Facts about Algeria elaborate the ideas about the famous country in North Africa. People call this country with the official name of People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria. Algiers is the capital city of Algeria. It is also called as the most populous city in the country. If you are interested to know more about this country, get more facts about it below:

Facts about Algeria 1: the total area

Algeria spans on the total area of 919,595 square miles or 2,381,741 square kilometers. Most areas in the country are desert.  It is the largest country in Africa and Mediterranean.  But it takes the 10th position as the largest country in the world.

Facts about Algeria 2: border

Let’s find out the border of Algeria. The country is located in the east of Libya, northeast of Tunisia, southeast of Niger, southwest of Mauritania, Western Sahara, and Mali, in the north of Mediterranean Sea and in the west of Morocco.

Algeria Capital

Algeria Capital

Facts about Algeria 3: economy

The production of hydrocarbons becomes the main foundation of economy in Algeria. This country is also one of the main suppliers of natural gas in Europe.

Facts about Algeria 4: reserves of oil

Algeria is put in the 17th position of the largest reserves of oil in the world based on the data of OPEC.  In Africa, it is ranked in the second position. The natural gas in Algeria is also abundant. It is placed in the ninth position of the largest reserves of natural gas. The largest oil company in Africa is Sonatrach and it is owned by Algeria.

Algeria Desert

Algeria Desert

Facts about Algeria 5: military

The military in Algeria is very powerful and great. In North Africa, the country has the second largest military. The country has a lot of money for covering the military. Since 1990s, it has the peaceful nuclear program. Check out another country in Albani facts.

Facts about Algeria 6: organization

Algeria is a member of various international organizations such as United Nations, OPEC, Arab league, Arab Maghreb Union and African Union.

Algeria Image

Algeria Image

Facts about Algeria 7: temperature

What about the temperature in Algeria?  In a year around, you can feel the hot temperature since the region is filled with midday desert temperature. But you can enjoy the cool or chilly temperature during the nighttime.

Facts about Algeria 8: the highest official temperature

The highest official temperature in Algeria was felt at In Salah. It was at 123.1 degree F or 50.6 degree Celsius. Get facts about Afghanistan here.

Algeria Sport

Algeria Sport

Facts about Algeria 9: animals

You can spot various kinds of animals here such as jerboas, foxes, gazelles, wild board, snakes, lizards, birds, and jackals.

Facts about Algeria 10: UNESCO World Heritage Sites

You can visit some UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Algeria such as M’Zab Valley, Al Qal’a of Beni Hammad and Tipasa.

Facts about Algeria

Facts about Algeria

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