10 Facts about Alice Coachman

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Facts about Alice Coachman tell you about the famous American athlete who won the Olympic gold medal. She was the first African American who could do it. This athlete was specialized in high jump. Let’s find out about her personal life and career by reading the facts below.

Facts about Alice Coachman 1: life span

Alice Coachman was born on 9 November 1923 in Albany, Georgia with the full name Alice Marie Coachman. She passed away on 14 July 2014.

Facts about Alice Coachman 2: fame

She gained fame after she won the Olympic gold medal of high jump. She was the first black woman who could grab the gold medal in such prestigious international competition. Find out another American athlete in Alex Morgan facts.

Alice Coachman Athlete

Alice Coachman Athlete

Facts about Alice Coachman 3: National Women’s History Project

National Women’s History Project designated her with a Women’s History Month Honoree in 2002.

Facts about Alice Coachman 4: the outdoor high jump championship

In 1939 till 1948, Alice had a shining career in outdoor high jump championship. She was the winner of 10 national championships of high jump.


Alice Coachman Facts

Alice Coachman Facts

Facts about Alice Coachman 5: competition in Olympic Games

Alice could not participate in Olympic Games because of the World War II. Therefore, the Olympic Games in 1940 and 1944 were postponed. Eric Williams was a sportswriter who said that Coachman could become the No1 female athlete all of the time if only she competed in the canceled Olympics.

Facts about Alice Coachman 6: 1948 Summer Olympics

Finally Coachman competed in 1948 Summer Olympics. In the high jump final, she had the first try with a leap at 5 feet and 6.5 inches or 1.68 meters.

Alice Coachman Pic

Alice Coachman Pic

Facts about Alice Coachman 7: Dorothy Tyler

Dorothy Tyler was the nearest rival of Coachman at that time. She matched the high jump record of Coachman but on the second try.

Facts about Alice Coachman 8: the medal

King George VI presented the medal to Alice Coachman when she became the winner in the Olympic competition in 1948.

Alice Coachman

Alice Coachman

Facts about Alice Coachman 9: skill and talent

Other skills that Alice had were in outdoor and indoor 50 meter dash and outdoor 100 meter dash. In 1941 and 1942, she was the national champion for 4 x 100 meter relay team. At that time, she was the representative of Tuskegee University.

Facts about Alice Coachman 10: early life

Let’s talk a brief about her early life. She was one of the 10 children in the family. Based on the AP, she held the high jump record in high school and college without wearing shoes.

Facts about Alice Coachman

Facts about Alice Coachman

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