10 Facts about Alice Paul

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Facts about Alice Paul talk about the American feminine, suffragist, and right activist. Alice was born with the full name Alice Stokes Paul on 11 January 1885 and passed away on 9 July 1977. Do you know that she was the main leader in the campaign of 19th Amendment in 1910? Find out more facts about this amazing woman below:

Facts about Alice Paul 1: the right to vote

Based on the constitution, the women had no right to vote.  Paul, Lucy Burns and other women decide to create an event as a protest for this gender discrimination. One of the successful events was the Silent Sentinels. Her struggle along with other activists could generate a passage in 1920s.

Facts about Alice Paul 2: the equality of women

The equality of women still became the main concern of Paul even though the passage had been made in 1920s.  She was the leader of National Woman’s Party for more than 50 years. The main purpose of this party was to secure the equality of women constitutionally.

Alice Paul Coin

Alice Paul Coin

Facts about Alice Paul 3: success

Alice Paul was very successful with her struggle. In the Civil Rights Act of 1964, woman is included as a group which should be protected from any discrimination.

Facts about Alice Paul 4: date and place of birth

Alice Paul was born on 11 January 1885 in Moorestown, New Jersey. Today, the location was a part of the suburb of Mount Laurel. She was raised in Quaker tradition.

Alice Paul Image

Alice Paul Image

Facts about Alice Paul 5: Tacie

Tacie was her mother. She was a member of National American Woman Suffrage Association. When she was young, Alice often came with her mother in the meeting of the suffragists.

Facts about Alice Paul 6: social justice

The fight for social justice was learned by Alice through her Quaker Tradition which told her about the suffrage movement.

Alice Paul Pic

Alice Paul Pic

Facts about Alice Paul 7: a smart student

Alice Paul was a very smart student. She became the top in her class when she graduated from Moorestown Friends School.  She got BA in Biology after she enrolled to Swarthmore College. Her grandfather cofounded the college.

Facts about Alice Paul 8: M.A. in sociology

In 1907, she graduated from University of Pennsylvania and got her MA in sociology. She made earning by doing social work.   But she also continued her study by attending Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre in Birmingham, England. She got a Ph.D. degree in economics in University of Philadelphia. Find out another great woman in Abigail Adams facts.

Alice Paul Pictures

Alice Paul Pictures

Facts about Alice Paul 9: dissertation

Her dissertation is still discussed until this present day especially during the women movement in Pennsylvania.  The title of her dissertation is “The Legal Position of Women in Pennsylvania”.

Facts about Alice Paul 10: moving to England

After she graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, she returned to England and befriended with important women suffragists such as Emmeline and Christabel Pankhurst.

Facts about Alice Paul

Facts about Alice Paul

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