10 Facts about Alice Springs

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Facts about Alice Springs present the details about the third largest town in Northern Territory of Australia. Many people often call this town simply Alice.  Have you ever visited the town before? The name of the town is derived from the name of Lady Alice Todd. She was the wife of Sir Charles Todd. Find out more facts about Alice Springs by reading the following post below:

Facts about Alice Springs 1: the population

Let’s find out the population of the people here. It is inhabited by 28,605 people. It occupies 12.2 percent of the whole population in northern territory.

Facts about Alice Springs 2: temperature

The temperature of Alice Springs is varied. During the summer season, the hot temperature can reach 96.1 degree F or 35.6 degree C. During the winter season, the temperature can reach 41.2 degree F or 5.1 degree C.

Alice Springs Australia

Alice Springs Australia

Facts about Alice Springs 3: hiking trails and swimming holes

Alice Springs is located in wonderful region. It is a part of the scrubby grassland. If you are here, you have to enjoy the beauty of swimming holes and hiking trails.  You can go to Glen Helen Gorge, Ormiston Gorge, Red Bank Gorge, and Ormiston Gorge Creek.

Facts about Alice Springs 4: the great walking experience

If you want to enjoy one of the great walking experiences when you are in Alice Springs, you have to explore Larapinta Trail and West MacDonnell Ranges. It has the length at 139 miles or 223 kilometers.

Alice Springs Desert

Alice Springs Desert

Facts about Alice Springs 5: the rock formation

If you want to know the interesting rock formation, you can go to Simpsons Desert.  It is located in the southeast of Alice Springs. You can enjoy the rainbow valley and Chambers Pillar here.

Facts about Alice Springs 6: location

People often call Alice Springs as the Red Centre.  This town can be found on the northern side of MacDonnell Ranges. You can find several deserts in the town. It becomes the main attraction in Australia. Find out another Australian city in Adelaide facts.

Alice Springs Vacation

Alice Springs Vacation

Facts about Alice Springs 7: the elevation

Alice Springs is located at the elevation of 1,791 feet or 545 meters above the sea elevation. Due to this high location, it makes the town so cold at night during the winter seasons.

Facts about Alice Springs 8: the aboriginal Australian

Based on the report in 2006, the population of the Aboriginal Australian occupies 18.8 percent of the whole population in Alice Springs.

Alice Springs

Alice Springs

Facts about Alice Springs 9: the Todd Mall

The Todd Mall is the focal point in Alice Springs.  This mall often exhibits the community events and Aboriginal art galleries. Another amazing city is explained in Albany facts.

Facts about Alice Springs 10: the unique events

You can also enjoy the unique events in Alice Springs such as the Finke Desert Race, lice Desert Festival Camel Cup, Beanie Festival, and the Henley-on-Todd Regatta.

Facts about Alice Springs

Facts about Alice Springs

Are you fascinated with facts about Alice Springs?

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