10 Facts about Alka Seltzer

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Facts about Alka Seltzer talk about an effervescent antacid. Dr. Miles Medicine Company was the first one which marketed this paint reliever to the customers. Maurice Treneer developed this drug. He is the head chemist at Miles, Indiana. If you want to know more about the benefits of this product, check out the following post below:

Facts about Alka Seltzer 1: the function of Alka Seltzer

People can consume Alka Seltzer to relieve heartburn, inflammation, pains, minor aches, sour stomach, hangover, indigestion, and fever.  Too much stomach acid can be neutralized by drinking Alka Seltzer.

Facts about Alka Seltzer 2: launching

This drug was launched in 1931. Then the company introduced Alka-Seltzer Plus. It was used to cure flu and cold. Another variant of this drug is Alka-Mints launched in 1994. In 1997, this short lived antacid non aspirin drug was discontinued. Get facts about ALD here.

Alka Seltzer Image

Alka Seltzer Image

Facts about Alka Seltzer 3: the current owner

Today, Bayer Schering Pharma AG, Germany is the current owner of Alka-Seltzer.  The name of the product is still used until this present day since the company wants to continue the entire line of this medication.

Facts about Alka Seltzer 4: packaging

Before 1984, the medication was packed in a glass tube. Today, it is packaged in a foil.  The buyers will get two tablets. You can pick the various flavors from this medication. Find out another medication in Advil facts.

Alka Seltzer Medication

Alka Seltzer Medication

Facts about Alka Seltzer 5: ingredients

Let’s find out the ingredients of Alka Seltzer. It is made from the combination of anhydrous citric acid, aspirin and sodium bicarbonate. The main function is to reduce the stomach aches, acid indigestion and heartburn.

Facts about Alka Seltzer 6: the most popular ads

Alka Seltzer becomes one of the most popular medications because of the amazing ads. In 1960s till 1970s, the ads of Alka Seltzer were very popular. Based on the Advertising Age, it was placed in number 13.

Alka Seltzer Pic

Alka Seltzer Pic

Facts about Alka Seltzer 7: the sales

The company decides to use the vintage spots of the old commercials to increase the sales of Alka Seltzer.

Facts about Alka Seltzer 8: Tom Dawes

Tom Dawes was the writer of the famous commercial jingle of Alka Seltzer. It was Plop-plop-fizz-fizz. However, Julianna Margulies claimed that it was not Dawes who wrote the jingle, but her dad, Paul.

Alka Seltzer

Alka Seltzer

Facts about Alka Seltzer 9: United States Ski Team

The TV commercial in 2009 was amazing since the ad was used to support United States Ski Team.

Facts about Alka Seltzer 10: in popular culture

Alka Seltzer can be seen in some movies too. In Taxi Driver 1976, there was a zoom short of dissolving Alka Seltzer.

Facts about Alka Seltzer

Facts about Alka Seltzer

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