10 Facts about Alkanes

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Facts about Alkanes present the information about the hydrocarbons. This element contains carbon and hydrogen.  Can you tell me the simplest example of alkane? It is methane. This hydrocarbon consists of a carbon. It is surrounded by four hydrogen atoms. The chemical formula for methane is CH4. In the room temperature, methane is in the gas form. Find out more facts about Alkanes in the following post below:

Facts about Alkanes 1: the linear alkane

Can you tell me the general formula of linear alkane? It is Cn H2n+2. All Alkanes are included in a homologous series.

Facts about Alkanes 2: a single bond

There is a single bond of carbon in Alkanes. It means that each carbon atom is bonded to another. It generates one electron from a single bond.

Alkanes Facts

Alkanes Facts

Facts about Alkanes 3: heptane

Heptane is a kind of alkane.  It indicates a form of alkane because of the suffix –ane on the word heptane. The prefix hep means that this alkane has seven carbon atoms. It forms the longest chain.

Facts about Alkanes 4: complete combustion

When the alkane has the complete combustion, it will produce carbon dioxide and water. You can only get the perfect combustion if the level of the oxygen is sufficient enough. Find out facts about Alkali metals here.

Alkanes Hydration

Alkanes Hydration

Facts about Alkanes 5: the incomplete combustion

If the there is not enough oxygen during the combustion, it will not produce carbon dioxide and water. On the other hand, it will generate carbon monoxide and water. If the amount of oxygen is so little, it will produce carbon and water.

Facts about Alkanes 6: reaction of alkane and halogen

In the periodic table, the halogens are located in Group VII. The elements of halogens include iodine, bromine, chlorine and fluorine. When an alkane reacts with a halogen, it can form Alkyl halogenide, Haloalkane and Halogenalkane.

Alkanes Isomer

Alkanes Isomer

Facts about Alkanes 7: structural isomerism

Structural isomerism can only be presented if an alkane has four carbon atoms. The first alkane which can present an isomer is butane.

Facts about Alkanes 8: an alkane in ring structure

When you want to call an alkane in a ring structure, you can use the term Cycloalkane. Propane is the smallest Cycloalkane. It resembles the look of a triangle.

Alkanes Structure

Alkanes Structure

Facts about Alkanes 9: gasses

The alkane which comes in gas form in the room temperature includes butane, propane, ethane and methane.

Facts about Alkanes 10: the liquid and solid alkane

The Alkanes which have solid and liquid form are the ones with the five to 16 carbons atoms.

facts about Alkanes

facts about Alkanes

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