10 Facts about Alkenes

Sunday, December 28th 2014. | Chemistry

Facts about Alkenes talk about one of the hydrocarbon groups. Others hydrocarbon groups include Alkanes, alkynes, and cycloalkanes. Carbon-carbon double covalent bond is the functional group of an alkene. You can find a double bond between two carbon atoms. Check out more alkenes facts below:

Facts about Alkenes 1: nickname

You can call alkenes using different words such as olefin or olefins. What is this actually?  Alkene at least has one carbon-carbon double bond. It is a type of an unsaturated hydrocarbon.

Facts about Alkenes 2: the simple acylic alkenes

Monoene is called as the simple acylic alkene since it only has one double bond. The general formula for this item is CnH2n.

Alkenes Addition

Alkenes Addition

Facts about Alkenes 3: the simplest alkene

C2H4 or ethylene is called as the simplest alkene. It is also called with another name based on IUPAC.  You can call it ethane.

Facts about Alkenes 4:olefins

Many people who work in the petrochemical industry call it olefins.

Alkenes Chemistry

Alkenes Chemistry

Facts about Alkenes 5: the aromatic compounds

If you think that the aromatic compounds are included as alkenes, you are wrong. Even though it is often called as cylic alkenes, it is not included as alkenes for it has different properties and structure.

Facts about Alkenes 6: alkenes and Alkanes

Can you tell me the differences between alkenes and Alkanes? The Alkanes have lower acidity level if you compare it with the acidity level of alkenes. Get facts about Alkanes here.

Alkenes Pic

Alkenes Pic

Facts about Alkenes 7: the physical state

Let’s find out the physical state of alkenes.  The form is depended on the molecular mass. The gas ones include butene, propene, and ethene.

Facts about Alkenes 8: liquids and solids

If you want to know the waxy solids, you have to check out the alkenes with higher carbon. The liquid ones are seen in the linear alkenes. They have 5 to 16 carbons.

Alkenes Picture

Alkenes Picture

Facts about Alkenes 9: alkenes

When people want to form an alkene, they can use an alcohol from hydroxyl group.

Facts about Alkenes 10: esters

Esters are very important in our industries. This compound is very useful when the industries want to create odor and flavor.

facts about Alkenes

facts about Alkenes

You are wrong if you think that acetic acid, ester and ethanol are hydrocarbon even though  you can find carbon and hydrogen atoms. They are not included in hydrocarbons because they have atom oxygen. Do you want to share other opinion on facts about alkenes?

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