10 Facts about All Hallows’ Eve

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Facts about All Hallows’ Eve remind you with Halloween day. This creepy holiday has various nicknames. Some people often call it All Hallows Eve or even Hallow Even. The people in Ireland call it Hallow E’en. If you want to know other nicknames of All Hallow Eve and its celebration, get the full facts about the holiday below:

Facts about All Hallows’ Eve 1: the nicknames

There are many nicknames of All Hallows’ Eve. Those include the feast of the dead, Halloween, Samhain, Lamswool, and Snap-Apple, Witches Night, El Dia de los Muertos and Summer’s End.

Facts about All Hallows’ Eve 2: the traditional Halloween colors

Can you tell me the traditional colors used to celebrate All Hallows’ Eve? They include black and orange. There is no need to wonder that each house is decorated with orange and black. Black is used to reflect the death and darkness. Orange is used to represent the autumn harvest.

All Hallows' Eve Graves

All Hallows’ Eve Graves

Facts about All Hallows’ Eve 3: Jack O’Lanterns

The favorite character during All Hallows’ Eve is Jack O’Lanterns.  It was from Ireland. The turnip will be hollowed. Then you decorate it with candles or lumps of coals to send away the evil spirit.

Facts about All Hallows’ Eve 4: pumpkins

Today, people use pumpkin not turnip to create Jack O’Lanterns.   More than 99 percent sales of pumpkin are used to make Jack O’Lanterns during the All Hallow’s Eve. Check out another event in Advent facts.

All Hallows' Eve Images

All Hallows’ Eve Images

Facts about All Hallows’ Eve 5: trick of treat

During the trick or treat time, the most popular food to give is chocolate.

Facts about All Hallows’ Eve 6: a myth

There are many myths about All Hallows’ Eve day. One of them is about the spider.  When you see a spider in this holiday, it means that a dead loved one is seeing you.

All Hallows' Eve pumpkin

All Hallows’ Eve pumpkin

Facts about All Hallows’ Eve 7: the full moon

On 31 October 2020, people can enjoy the full moon in All Hallows’ Eve.

Facts about All Hallows’ Eve 8: Irish Celtic festival Samhain

The celebration of All Hallows’ Eve was inspired from the Festival Samhain celebrated by the Irish Celtic. Then this celebration spread around many countries in the world.

All Hallows' Eve

All Hallows’ Eve

Facts about All Hallows’ Eve 9: black cats

In the past, people believed that black cats can be used to protect themselves from the power of witches. Get facts about All Souls Day here.

Facts about All Hallows’ Eve 10: Harry Houdini

Harry Houdini was the famous magician who lived in 1874 till 1926. This man died on a Halloween night.

Facts about  All Hallows' Eve

Facts about All Hallows’ Eve

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