10 Facts about Allah

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Facts about Allah talk about the Arabic word for God. The Muslims use this word when they want to refer the God in Islam. Actually during the Pre-Islamic times, the Arab Christians had used the word Allah. Find out more facts about Allah in the explanation below:

Facts about Allah 1: the political and legal controversies

There are some political and legal controversies regarding the word Allah because the Sikhs and Christians in West Malaysia use this word to refer to God.  There is a prohibition in West Malaysia that the non Islamic people should never use that word.

Facts about Allah 2: the term Allah

The word Allah was derived from the Arabic language. It is from the article al- which means the. The ilah means god or deity. Therefore, the word Allah means the sole deity, God.

Allah facts

Allah facts

Facts about Allah 3: pagan Meccans

The Pagan Meccans used the word Allah to define the supreme deity in the pre-Islamic Arabia. Allah is considered as a creator deity. During the pre-Islamic tradition, the pagan Arabs did not consider Allah as a sole divinity.  Allah has sons, daughters and associates. Under the process of Islamization, this concept was deleted.

Facts about Allah 4: Allah in Islam

Let’s talk about Allah in Islam. The Islamic people consider Allah as the supreme and all comprehensive divine name. Allah is the only deity.



Facts about Allah 5: Arab Christians

The Arab Christians also use the term Allah. But they use Allah al-Ab. It means God the Father. It is used to differentiate their Allah from Allah in Islam.

Facts about Allah 6: Epic of Atrahasis

If you look at the Epic of Atrahasis engraved on the tablets created in 1700 BC in Babylon, you can find the word Allah or Alla. Based on the epic, he was the highest deity compared to the other gods which were considered as brothers.

Grand Mosque

Grand Mosque

Facts about Allah 7: inscriptions

People can also trace back the name Allah in many inscriptions located in the Northern and Southern Arabia. Most of them were made around 5th century.

Facts about Allah 8: the Islamic belief

The proper name of God based on the Islamic belief is Allah. Allah is the creator of universe and the only God.



Facts about Allah 9: Names of God

To know the distinct characteristics of Allah, you have to know 99 Names of Allah in Al Sama Al Husna. One of the prophet in Islam is explained in Abraham and Sarah facts.

Facts about Allah 10: Al Rahman

The famous name of Allah in Al Sama Al Husna is Al Rahman. It means the merciful.

facts about Allah

facts about Allah

Are you impressed reading facts about Allah?

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