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Facts about Allen Say provide the information about the Asian American writer and illustrator.  He was born in 1937 with the full name James Allen Koichi Moriwaki Seii. Seii is his surname. In 1994, he won Caldecott Medal for the illustration in his children picture book which talks about the voyage of his grandfather to US from Japan. If you are curious about Allen Say, check the complete facts about Say below:

Facts about Allen Say 1: the works of Allen Say

Most of his works are affected with his background. They feature the autobiographical elements. The stories are centered on the Japanese or Japanese American characters. Another children author is explained in Allan Ahlberg facts.

Facts about Allen Say 2: place of birth and early life

Allen Say was born in Yokohama, Japan. His mother is Japanese. His father was Korean, but he was adopted by British Parents and lived in Shanghai.

Allen Say Book

Allen Say Book

Facts about Allen Say 3: divorce

Say lived with his grandmother when his parents divorced. At that time, he was only 12 years old.  He decided to live alone for a short period of time after he got permission from his grandmother.

Facts about Allen Say 4: Noro Shinpei

Noro Shinpei is his favorite cartoonist. He was very inspired on his works for many years. It was explained in The Ink-Keeper’s Apprentice, his autobiographical novel. He called him as a mentor and spiritual father.

Allen Say Pic

Allen Say Pic

Facts about Allen Say 5: military school

It is quite surprising to know that Say was in military school. His experience in this military school was very negative. He was expelled from the school after he was caught of smoking cigarette.

Facts about Allen Say 6: the jobs

He worked as a sign painter and photographer before he was a famous full time writer and illustrator. His photography was published in Stars and Stripes magazine when he was in Germany. Do you know that he spent a short time in US army?

Allen Say Writer

Allen Say Writer

Facts about Allen Say 7: a career choice

Allen Say returned to US from Germany and decided to become a photographer. But he also developed his talent as an illustrator.

Facts about Allen Say 8: as a writer

Say became a writer after Houghton Mifflin approached him and asked him to create a retelling “The Boy of the Three-Year Nap.” It is the famous Japanese folktale.

Allen Say

Allen Say

Facts about Allen Say 9: Lois Lowry

Lois Lowry was a fellow children author of Say. In 1994, she mentioned his name in the acceptance speech when she won a Newbery Award. Both were raised in the similar town of Shibuya in the childhood time. Check another writer in Alice Walker facts.

Facts about Allen Say 10: books

The famous books of Allen Say include   The Feast of Lanterns (1976), A River Dream (1988), Dr. Smith’s Safari (1972), Tree of Cranes (1991),    A River Dream (1988), and many more.

facts about Allen Say

facts about Allen Say

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