10 Facts about Allergies

Monday, December 29th 2014. | Health

Facts about Allergies talk about the medical condition which makes the skin red and irritated. The symptoms of having allergy can involve with stomachache, choking and nausea. If you are interested to know more about allergies, check out the following post below:

Facts about Allergies 1: the American people and allergies

It is estimated that more than 50 percent of All American people have at least one or more allergies. It is reported by National Institutes of Health.

Facts about Allergies 2: the most disgusting and scariest allergy

The allergy caused by cockroach is called as the most disgusting allergy. Penicillin is called as the main cause of the scariest allergy since it can lead into fatal anaphylaxis.

Allergies Facts

Allergies Facts

Facts about Allergies 3: sex

It is very weird to know that sex can cause allergy. The report stated that more than 40,000 women in United States have seminal plasma hypersensitivity.  To find out whether you have this hypersensitivity or not, you need to look at the symptoms which include the systemic shock and swelling.

Facts about Allergies 4: water

The water can make some people experience allergy. The rash which occurs because of the contact with water is called as Aquagenic urticaria.

Allergies Pic

Allergies Pic

Facts about Allergies 5: all types of allergies

It is estimated that 1 of 5 American suffers from all kinds of allergies. Those include the eye allergies, skin allergy, latex allergy, insect allergy, drug allergy, food allergy and outdoor or indoor allergy.

Facts about Allergies 6: the increased number

The number of the people who have allergy is increased since the beginning of 1980s in all racial, sex and age groups.



Facts about Allergies 7: the most common disease

Allergy is not a new disease. It is the third common disease faced by the American children.

Facts about Allergies 8: the outdoor and indoor allergies

The indoor and outdoor allergies should be concerned too. It may include the nasal allergy, perennial allergy, allergic rhinitis, and seasonal allergy.



Facts about Allergies 9: the cause of indoor and outdoor allergies

Can you tell me the main causes of indoor and outdoor allergies? They are triggered because of rodent dander, weed pollen, grass, tree, mold spores, cockroach allergens, dust mite and many more. Find out another medical condition in facts about acid reflux.

Facts about Allergies 10: type of skin allergy

Let me show you the type of skin allergy. It includes eczema, atopic dermatitis, contact allergy and hives.

Facts about Allergies

Facts about Allergies

The contact with latex and dust mite can cause the inflammation and redness on the skin. What do you think on facts about allergies?

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