10 Facts about Alligators

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Facts about Alligators talk about the wild animal.  Alligator is famous with the powerful bite.  If you are curious to know the weight, strength and food of alligator, you need to check out the following post about this powerful reptile.

Facts about Alligators 1: the living fossil

Many scientists call alligator as the living fossil in the world since the existence of this animal can be traced back million years ago.

Facts about Alligators 2: the Chinese and American alligators

There are two types of alligators that you can learn.  Both are the Chinese and American alligator. You can spot the American alligator in Louisiana and Florida. Most of them live in southeastern area of US.  If you want to know the Chinese alligators, you can go to Yangtze River.

Alligators Image

Alligators Image

Facts about Alligators 3: weight

Alligators are heavy. The weight can reach 100 lb or 450 kilogram. They are included as cold blooded animal just like other members of reptiles.

Facts about Alligators 4: the relation

Alligators have close relation with crocodile. Both are included as the member of the order of Crocodylia.

Alligators Pic

Alligators Pic

Facts about Alligators 5: temperature

The temperature of the environment means a lot to predict the sex of alligator’s eggs.  If the eggs are placed in cooler temperature, they are more likely female. The warmer environment can give you male alligators.

Facts about Alligators 6: food

What is the main food for alligators? They like to eat deer, turtles, birds and fish. Find out another animal in Albatrosses facts.

Alligators's Jaw

Alligators’s Jaw

Facts about Alligators 7: the powerful bite

You have to be careful with alligators since they can bite you. However, you can use the bare hands when you want to hold the jaws of alligators since their muscles are weak.

Facts about Alligators 8: Juvenile alligators

The juvenile alligators can eat up to 23 percent of the body weight.



Facts about Alligators 9: alligator eat other alligators

It is a common view to see the adult alligators eating the young alligators. The young alligators are small and weak. Therefore, it is very easy for the adults to capture and eat them. A study conducted in Florida Lake found out that 6 to 7 percent of the juvenile alligators were eaten by the bigger alligators.

Facts about Alligators 10: the stomach of alligator

You should never be surprised to find out that the stomach of an alligator has the pH less than 2. It means that their stomach is very acidic.  They only need two or three days to digest the soft prey. Get facts about acids here.

Facts about Alligators

Facts about Alligators

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