10 Facts about Allison Argent

Tuesday, December 30th 2014. | Characters

Facts about Allison Argent talk about one of the most important and amazing characters in Crystal Reed. The audiences are very sad to know that Argent dies in this series. We will love to see her again in this Teen Wolf movie. Find out more facts about Allison Argent below.

Facts about Allison Argent 1: perfect hair

If you check out Allison Argent in the series, you will always be impressed with her perfect hair. Whether she has long or short hair, she always looks lovely in curly hair.

Facts about Allison Argent 2: awesome best friend

We always want Allison to be our best friend. Alison passed away in the series because she wanted to save the life of Lydia, her best friend. She was very brave, caring and loving.

Allison Argent Beauty

Allison Argent Beauty

Facts about Allison Argent 3: Allison and Lydia’s relationship

The relationship of Lydia and Allison is great. Both always try to help each other when they are stuck in trouble. Both have fun and perfect life.

Facts about Allison Argent 4: Allison and Scott’s relationship

Now you have to look at the relationship of Scott and Allison. Allison becomes the love interest of Scott when she begins Teen Wolf.

Allison Argent Character

Allison Argent Character

Facts about Allison Argent 5: it’s complicated

The love relationship between Allison and Scoot is very complicated. At the end of the season one, we realize that Scott is a werewolf. On the other hand, Allison’s family is a werewolf hunter. Find out Alice in Wonderland facts here.

Facts about Allison Argent 6: confession

The scene when Allison dies is very emotional. She confesses her feeling to Scott before she leaves forever.

Allison Argent Photo

Allison Argent Photo

Facts about Allison Argent 7: archery skill

One of her wonderful skills is in archery. She is a good archer. You can trust her when she uses her bow and arrow.

Facts about Allison Argent 8: death of her mom

Allison was in bad mood after the death of his mother. She shoot his classmates with full of arrows. But finally she realized her mistake.

Allison Argent

Allison Argent

Facts about Allison Argent 9: Isaac

Do you know that Allison and Isaac are flirting each other? Both are cute but their feeling is too awkward. Check another character in Alex Rider facts.

Facts about Allison Argent 10: the Argent’s bonding

We will miss the scene when the Argent’s family is bonding each other. They will kill and hunt people during the bonding time.

facts about  Allison Argent

facts about Allison Argent

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