10 Facts about Allosaurus

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If you want to know the cool Facts about Allosaurus, you have to read the explanation below. Allosaurus is a big carnivore which lived around 150 million years ago.  The animal had a very large and huge body. It was very strong since the mouth had sharp teeth. The report states that Allosaurus attacked the Stegosaurus. Here are the interesting facts about Allosaurus:

Facts about Allosaurus 1: the Jurassic Period

Allosaurus lived in the end of Jurassic period or around 150 million years ago. Othniel Marsh described this Allosaurus for the first time in 1877. The name of this animal means different lizard. Marsh was very famous since he also provided the description of Brontosaurus.

Facts about Allosaurus 2: skill and legs

When Allosaurus wanted to walk, they used two legs.   The skull of this animal was very large. Allosaurus balanced the body and head because it had heavy and long tail. Get facts about Albertosaurus here.

Allosaurus Facts

Allosaurus Facts

Facts about Allosaurus 3: Morrison Formation

Morrison Formation is a famous discovery place of Allosaurus fossils. This formation is situated in western United States. It is characterized with a sedimentary rock.

Facts about Allosaurus 4: the arms

Even though the legs were long, their arms were shorts. You can compare them with Tyrannosaurs rex’s arms. Each hand had three fingers. The tip of the finger featured the curved and sharp caw.

Allosaurus Image

Allosaurus Image

Facts about Allosaurus 5: length

Can you guess the length of Allosaurus? In average, it was 28 feet or 8.5 meters. The weight of Allosaurus was around 2.3 tons.

Facts about Allosaurus 6: a meat eater

Allosaurus just like other types of dinosaurs is a meat eater. They were the active predators which hunted for food. They had sharp teeth which could crash the prey at once.

Allosaurus Pic

Allosaurus Pic

Facts about Allosaurus 7: in popular culture

Allosaurus is seen in various popular books, movies, and documentaries. One of them is in the famous book, The Lost World. It was written by Arthur Conan Doyle in 1912. You can also check Walking With Dinosaurs in BBC television.

Facts about Allosaurus 8: the skeleton

Big Al is the nickname of the 95 percent of skeleton of Allosaurus found in 1991 in Wyoming, United States. This skeleton is very important for the scientists to make researches about Allosaurus and other prehistoric dinosaurs.



Facts about Allosaurus 9: life span

The scientists assume that the typical Allosaurus can only live for about 25 years. At the age of 15, they reach the adult size.

Facts about Allosaurus 10: teeth

The teeth of Allosaurus can be replaced and shed.

facts about Allosaurus

facts about Allosaurus

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