10 Facts about Alloys

Tuesday, December 30th 2014. | Chemistry

Facts about Alloys discuss the metal that you can find in our daily life. It is often used to create tools, cookware, and jewelry. Can you mention the examples of alloys? It includes bronze, sterling silver, white gold, brass and steel. If you are interested to know more about metal alloys, pay attention of the below explanation:

Facts about Alloys 1: what is an alloy?

An alloy is created by mixing two or more metals. When the metals have been mixed, they will create a solid form.

Facts about Alloys 2: silver

We often use the word silver to name the alloy which has silver color even though it has no silver element. You can check the Tibetan silver and German silver. Both do not have any silver elements, but they have silver color. If you want to have the alloy which contains silver, you have to choose the sterling silver. It contains high amount of silver.

Alloy Copper

Alloy Copper

Facts about Alloys 3: steel

You are wrong if you think that steel is a combination of iron and nickel. Actually this alloy is made by blending iron, carbon and other metals.

Facts about Alloys 4: stainless steel

Stainless steel is a type of an alloy. It is made by combining iron, low amount of carbon and chromium. Stainless steel is resistant to stain is because of chromium. It protects the alloy from oxygen. Therefore, stainless steel can resist iron rust.

Alloys Facts

Alloys Facts

Facts about Alloys 5: corrosive environment

To avoid any rust or stain on the stainless steel items, ensure that you can make them stay away from the corrosive environment such as seawater. It can attack the chromium coating and damage the iron.

Facts about Alloys 6: solder

Another type of alloy is solder. It is made of tin and lead. The function of solder is to bond metals to each other. To produce the sterling silver jewelry, people will use the silver solder.

Alloys Pic

Alloys Pic

Facts about Alloys 7: brass

Copper and zinc are used to create brass. When you mix copper with tin or another metal, you can make bronze. Actually copper and bronze are different. But today, people often call brass as the copper alloy.

Facts about Alloys 8: Pewter

Pewter is often used to make jewelry and kitchenware. This alloy is created from tin. It is blended with silver, lead, bismuth, antimony, and copper. Today, the amount of lead is very small since it is dangerous for our body.



Facts about Alloys 9: Electrum

The ancient Greek often called electrum as white gold since this alloy is made from gold and silver. Find out another element in Alkali metal facts.

Facts about Alloys 10: gold

Even though gold can be found in its natural state, most gold that you find on the store is alloy. It is combined with several metals.

Facts about Alloys

Facts about Alloys

Are you impressed with facts about alloy?

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