10 Facts about Almeria

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If you are curious to know the famous city in Andalusia, read Facts about Almeria. This Spanish city spans on the southeast of the Mediterranean Sea. The name of the city was taken from the Arabic word, Al-Mari’yah. The meaning is the Watchtower. Here are other interesting Almeria facts for you:

Facts about Almeria 1: the purpose

The city of Almeria was built because of the need to have the defense system. Therefore, the city was named Al-Mari’yah since the founder of the city Abd-al-Rahman has a citadel or Alcazaba here.

Facts about Almeria 2: the founder

As I have stated before, the city was established by Calipha Abd-al-Rahman III in 955 AD in Cordoba. The main function of the city was to increase the defense system of the Calipha’s regions in Mediterranean.

Almeria Beach

Almeria Beach

Facts about Almeria 3: the Alcazaba of Almería

The Alcazaba of Almeria is the Moorish castle. It is placed in the second position of the largest Muslim fortress in Andalusia. The first largest Muslim fortress is Alhambra. Check facts about Alhambra here.

Facts about Almeria 4: The Alcazaba’s beauty

The Alcazaba was created in 10th century. The architecture of the fortress is in medieval style. In 1522, the beauty of Alcazaba was damaged because of earthquake.

Almeria facts

Almeria facts

Facts about Almeria 5: Almeria air raid shelters

If you are visiting Almeria, don’t forget to come to Almeria air raid shelters. It is open for public.   During the Spanish civil war, these underground galleries were for protecting the civilians.

Facts about Almeria 6: The Cathedral

The Cathedral in the Alcazaba looks like a fortress. It has the protected path, merlons and towers. At first, it was a mosque. Then it was used as a church for Christians.

Almeria Pic

Almeria Pic

Facts about Almeria 7: Museum of Almeria

If you want to know the Muslim objects, findings from Roman, Iberic, Greek and Prehistoric era, you can come to Museum of Almeria.

Facts about Almeria 8: Nicolás Salmerón y Alonso

Nicolás Salmerón y Alonso was one of the famous natives of Almeria. He was the third president of first Spanish Republic in 1873.

Facts about Almeria

Facts about Almeria

Facts about Almeria 9: musician

Other famous natives of Almeria include the musicians such as folk singer Manolo Escobar, composer José Padilla Sánchez, David Bisbal and José Tomás “Tomatito”.

Facts about Almeria 10: Cabo de Gata-Níjar Natural Park

Another place to visit is Cabo de Gata-Níjar Natural Park. You can enjoy the wonderful marine terrestrial place in Almeria.



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