10 Facts about Almonds

Wednesday, December 31st 2014. | Culinary

If you want to know the healthiest snack in the world, you have to check Facts about Almonds. This food gives you a lot of benefits. It makes your skin younger. Moreover, you can also improve the health of your heart. Let’s find out more almond facts by reading the below post:

Facts about Almonds 1: the stone fruit

We can say that almond is a stone fruit since it is covered with hard shell. Almond is included as a member in prunus family. Other stone fruits which can produce the edible fruit include nectarines, plums, cherries and peaches.

Facts about Almonds 2: the lowest calorie

Eating almond will never make you look big. It has the lowest calories if you compare it with other nuts. It also contains more calcium which can increase the strength of your bones.

Almond Cake

Almond Cake

Facts about Almonds 3: the raw or dry roasted almonds

If you decide to buy almond, it is better for you to choose the raw almonds. They are healthier than the dry roasted almonds since you will never have to consume the unhealthy fat. The dry roasted almonds are heated. Therefore, it produces trans fats.

Facts about Almonds 4: the raw almonds

Even though you buy the raw almonds, it does not mean that you will be served with the exactly raw almonds. To avoid any salmonella or bacteria on the almonds, they are processed in pasteurization. Therefore, it is saving to consume anytime you want.

Almond Milk

Almond Milk

Facts about Almonds 5: homemade almond milk

If you are bored consuming the raw almond, you can make a homemade almond milk.  Use your food processor to mix almonds, water and a sweetener. If you want to know the traditional food, check African food facts.

Facts about Almonds 6: health benefits

Let’s discuss the health benefits of consuming almonds. It enables the body to fight against any kinds of cancer. You can also reduce the risk of having heart disease and aging on the skin. It contains high amount of polyphenols that you can find in a green tea. Find out another healthy food in Aloe Vera facts.

Almond Product

Almond Product

Facts about Almonds 7: California

One of the famous producers of almond is California. It makes up 80 percent of almond production in United States.

Facts about Almonds 8: the farms in California

If you go to California, you can see 500 miles of almond farm in Central Valley. Most of them are the family owned farms. Other countries which produce almond include Australia and Spain.



Facts about Almonds 9: varieties of Almond

There are three major varieties of almond in California. Those are Mission, Nonpareil and California.

Facts about Almonds 10: the most popular almond

In California, the Nonpareil is called as the most popular almond.

Facts about Almond

Facts about Almond

Are you satisfied with facts about almonds?

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