10 Facts about Alpacas

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Facts about Alpacas talk about the cutest animal in the world. It is one of the members of Camelidae family. Other members include vicunas, guanacos, and llamas. They are from South America. The Asian and African members include Dromedary and Bactrian camels. Get more facts about Alpacas by reading the following post below:

Facts about Alpacas 1: fiber

Alpacas are cute and charming even though they have quirky look. The animals are very beneficial for human being since we can get the fiber from their fur. The fiber is smoother compared to silk and stronger compared to mohair.

Facts about Alpacas 2: the ancient time

The Incas had domesticated alpacas around 6,000 years ago.  They took the fiber from this animal to serve the clothes for the nobility and elite.

Alpacas Facts

Alpacas Facts

Facts about Alpacas 3: features

Let’s talk about the feature of this animal. It has long neck with silky fleece.  The head is narrow with a pointed snout. The ears come in triangular look.

Facts about Alpacas 4: native

Alpacas are natives to some countries in South America such as Chile, Ecuador, Peru and northern Bolivia. Check out facts about Akitas here.

Alpacas Gallery

Alpacas Gallery

Facts about Alpacas 5: weight and height

The height of alpacas is around 1 meter or 40 inches. The weight is around 100 till 175 pounds.  They can live up to 20 years.

Facts about Alpacas 6: diet and habitat

Alpacas like to live in semi arid regions. They are herbivore. Their favorite foods are ferns, grass and hay.

Alpacas Images

Alpacas Images

Facts about Alpacas 7: the wool

The fleece of alpacas is a good commodity for fashion industry. Since the wool of this animal is water resistant, it is often used to make blanket, sweaters and coats.

Facts about Alpacas 8: the color

The colors of alpacas come in various options. You can spot it in white, black, gray, and brown. The fleece is very exclusive since it has silky and lustrous look.

Alpacas Pic

Alpacas Pic

Facts about Alpacas 9: two types of alpacas

There are two types of alpacas. Both are huacaya and suri. The huacaya has the dense, wooly and crimpled fleece. When you see it, it reminds you with a teddy bear. On the other hand, the suri ones have the silky and long dreadlock fur.  The huacayas occupy 90 percent of the alpacas found in North America. Get facts about Alaskan Huskies here.

Facts about Alpacas 10: cross breed

To find out the best alpacas, people can perform cross breed. They can be mixed and matched with llamas. Call the baby huarizo.

Facts about Alpacas

Facts about Alpacas

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