10 Facts about Alphonse Mucha

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Facts about Alphonse Mucha talk about the famous a Czech Art Nouveau painter and decorative artist. His real name is Alfons Maria Mucha. In French and English, he was known with the name Alphonse Mucha. If you are interested to know his creative and distinctive style, check out the facts about Mucha below.

Facts about Alphonse Mucha 1: a creative artist

Mucha was a very creative artist. You can find his work in various postcards, advertisement, illustrations and paintings.

Facts about Alphonse Mucha 2: place of birth

Mucha was born in Ivancice, Moravia. Today, it is a part of the Czech Republic. Drawing is always his hobby even though he had a talent of singing too.

Alphonse Mucha Art

Alphonse Mucha Art

Facts about Alphonse Mucha 3: the painting jobs

In Moravia, he got many painting jobs. Most of them were involved with the theatrical scenery. Then he moved to Vienna for another painting job in 1879. The company was very big. He got the opportunity to increase this artistic skill informally.

Facts about Alphonse Mucha 4: freelance

He had to come back to Moravia after the business of his employer was destroyed by fire in 1881. Then he worked as a freelance portrait and decorative painter.

Alphonse Mucha Painting

Alphonse Mucha Painting

Facts about Alphonse Mucha 5: Hrušovany Emmahof Castle

Mucha did an impressive work when he created murals at Hrušovany Emmahof Castle. He was hired by Count Karl Khuen of Mikulov to do the job. Since the Count was very satisfied, Mucha was able to go to Munich Academy of Fine Arts. He was sponsored by the Count to get this formal training. Get facts about Alfred Wallis here.

Facts about Alphonse Mucha 6: education

In 1887, he lived in Paris. He pursued higher education at Académie Julian and Académie Colarossi. At the same time, he decided to work on advertising illustration and magazine.

Alphonse Mucha Pic

Alphonse Mucha Pic

Facts about Alphonse Mucha 7: Christmas 1894

The event in Christmas 1894 is very important to the life of Mucha since he could volunteer himself to produce a new advertising poster for a play.  One of the famous actors was Sarah Bernhardt. He promised to create the lithograph poster in two weeks. After seeing the poster, people loved it much.

Facts about Alphonse Mucha 8: Bernhardt

Sarah Bernhardt was very impressed with Mucha’s work. Therefore, she signed him with a six year contract.

Alphonse Mucha Poster

Alphonse Mucha Poster

Facts about Alphonse Mucha 9: The Mucha Style

The Mucha Style is used to refer the art that Mucha had created on his ads, poster, wallpaper, jewelry, theater sets, and books illustration. But now it is called as Art Nouveau. Another painter is explained in Alfred Sisley facts.

Facts about Alphonse Mucha 10: the works of much

Frequently, you can spot a beautiful young woman in Mucha’s work. The woman is surrounded by lush flowers.

facts about Alphonse Mucha

facts about Alphonse Mucha

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