10 Facts about Alpine Skiing

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Facts about Alpine Skiing talk about the one interesting and enjoyable sport that you can do with friends and family. During the Olympics event, it is one of the challenging competitions. It was introduced for the first time as an Olympic program in 1936. The participants included men and women.  Find out more facts about Alpine skiing by reading the following post below:

Facts about Alpine Skiing 1: a dangerous sport

Alpine skiing is called as a dangerous sport in the past because not many people were willing to downhill the mountain.

Facts about Alpine Skiing 2: the first downhill competition

In 1859s, the first alpine or downhill competition was conducted in Norway. Then the sport was popular in the world. It spread to Europe and US.

Alpine Skiing Competition

Alpine Skiing Competition

Facts about Alpine Skiing 3: the gold medal winners

Can you tell me the first gold medal winners in the first alpine skiing Olympics? In 1936, Franz Pfnur and Christi Cranz who came from Germany won the international alpine skiing event.

Facts about Alpine Skiing 4: the fastest alpine events

The fastest alpine event is the downhill competition. It is also called as the longest course. When the skiers race down the slope of the mountain, they can reach the high speed over 90 mph. This racing competition enables to see the skill of the skiers when they jump, turn and glide.

Alpine Skiing Facts

Alpine Skiing Facts

Facts about Alpine Skiing 5: the shortest race

The shortest race in the slalom is called gates. During the race, the skiers have to make sharp and quick turn through the gates if they want to be the winner in Alpine Skiing.

Facts about Alpine Skiing 6: the newest alpine event

The newest alpine event is Super Giant Slalom. In 1987, this new event was introduced in Alpine Skiing. Compared to the gates, slalom and giant slalom event, it has longer course. Get facts about Alex Ovechkin if you want to know a great athlete.

Alpine Skiing Image

Alpine Skiing Image

Facts about Alpine Skiing 7: the organized slalom races

In 1920s, the first organized slalom races were introduced in Europe. In 1931, the first world companionship was organized. In 1930s, the American people had a lot of interest on skiing competition.

Facts about Alpine Skiing 8: the Olympic debut

The Olympic debut for alpine skiing was at 1936 Garmisch-Partenkirchen Games. The competition involved with two slalom runs and a downhill for the combined event for men and women.

Alpine Skiing Sport

Alpine Skiing Sport

Facts about Alpine Skiing 9: the giant slalom

In 9152, the giant slaloms game was conducted for the first time in Oslo Games. In 1988, people could watch the new addition of Super G game in alpine skiing at Calgary Games.

Facts about Alpine Skiing 10: Torino

At Torino, men and women will have to compete in five alpine games. Those are the downhill, slalom, super G, Giant slalom and combined.

Facts about Alpine Skiing

Facts about Alpine Skiing

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