10 Facts about Alps

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Facts about Alps present the ideas about the famous mountain in the world. It has been visited people from different countries in the world. The Alps have 1800s mountains. The height can reach between 1200 meters till 4800 meters. Check out other interesting facts about the Alps below:

Facts about Alps 1: the western and eastern Alps

The Alps are divided in two sections. Both are the Eastern Alps and Western Alps. The division can be seen along the line of Lake Constance to Rhine and Lake Como.

Facts about Alps 2: Matterhorn

One of the most popular mountains in the Alps is Matterhorn. It has unique shape which reminds you with the shape a pyramid.  The people who love with a tough challenge should try to ascend it for it has the regular avalanches and steep features.

Alps Eastern

Alps Eastern

Facts about Alps 3: the highest peak

If you are visiting the Western Alps, you need to visit the highest peak here. It is located in Mont Blanc with the height at 4810 meter. The eastern Alps have Piz Bernina for its highest peak. It has the height at 4052 meter.

Facts about Alps 4: the first ascent

The first ascent to Mount Blanc was conducted on 8 august 1786 by Jacques Belmat and Dr. Packard. When they came to the highest peak, the temperature was below the freezing point. But they stayed there for half an hour before descending the park. Get facts about Alpine Skiing here.

Alps Pic

Alps Pic

Facts about Alps 5: vegetation

If you are in the elevation of 1,600 feet, you can find out the Alps vines.  You can spot the olives, oranges, and figs below the elevation of 1000 feet.

Facts about Alps 6: other plants

There are many other plants which grow in the Alps in different elevation. If you are in 2.800 feet elevation, you can spot chestnut. The oak is on 3,800 feet, while furze is in 9,700 feet high. If you want to see beyond and pine, you have to rise at 8,200 feet and 6,500 feet respectively.



Facts about Alps 7: Grenoble

Grenoble is the biggest city in Alps. Many people call it as the Capital City of Alps. There are around 500,000 local people living in Grenoble.

Facts about Alps 8: Austrian Alps

If you want to visit the mountain while enjoying the enormous caves, you have to come to the Austrian Alps. It gains the record as the largest accessible caves in the world. Inside the caves, you can check the frozen stalagmites.

Facts about Alps

Facts about Alps

Facts about Alps 9: Innsbruck

The second biggest city in Alps is Innsbruck. It is located in Austria.

Facts about Alps 10: Switzerland

The most famous country with its Alps Mountain is Switzerland. If offers people with a lot of fascinating activities such as skiing, trekking, mountaineering and many other winter sports.

Alps View

Alps View

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