10 Facts about ALS

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Facts about ALS talk about the specific disorder which causes the death neurons. ALS is often called as Charcot disease or Lou Gehrig’s disease. The people who live in United Kingdom often call ALS as motor neuron disease or MND. If you are interested to know more about ALS, you need to check out the following post below:

Facts about ALS 1: the characteristics

ALS can cause difficulty in speaking, swallowing and breathing.  The patients also experience muscle twitching, stiff muscles, and weakness of muscles.

Facts about ALS 2: inheritance

Around 5 to 10 percent of ALS cases are caused by the inheritance from the parents. The causes for 90 to 95 percent of the ALS cases are not known. Find out another medical condition in ALD facts.

ALS Association

ALS Association

Facts about ALS 3: diagnosis

The diagnosis can be conducted by observing the symptoms and signs on a person. ALS is a fatal disease which can cause death of the neurons which control the muscles.

Facts about ALS 4: what is cure?

Until this present day, there is no cure for ALS. But the life expectancy of a person can be extended by having riluzole. It is a medication which can extend the life around 2 till 3 months.

ALS Brain

ALS Brain

Facts about ALS 5: start of the disease

Most cases of ALS occur when a person is 60 years old. When the person is 50 years old, the disease is inherited from parents. The patients who have ALS can only survive for around 3 to 4 years. But 10 percent of the people can live more than 10 years old. The main reason of the death is because of the respiratory failure.

Facts about ALS 6: the rate of ALS

It is not easy to find out the rate of ALS in the world. ALS has the rate at 2 people per 100,000 every year in Europe and United States.

ALS Facts

ALS Facts

Facts about ALS 7: random disease

Who gets ALS? It is not easy to decide the person who will get ALS since this neuromuscular disease occurs randomly in a person. Therefore, we cannot decide the cause of the disease.

Facts about ALS 8: treatment

Besides consuming the right medication approved by FDA, the patients of ALS can follow the physical therapy. The patient’s safety and independence can be increased by using the special equipment.

ALS Image

ALS Image

Facts about ALS 9: the support breathing system

To support the breathing system of ALS patients, an external ventilation machine can be used.

Facts about ALS 10: a rare disease

ALS is a very rare disease. It can affect different kinds of ethnic background and races.

facts about ALS

facts about ALS

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