10 Facts about Alternative Medicine

Saturday, January 3rd 2015. | Medical

Facts about Alternative Medicine provide the information about the traditional medicine. The alternative medicine is a good option for the people who want to avoid the chemical medicine.  It is reported by World Health Organization that around 65 till 80 percent of people in the world use the alternative medicine.  It is around 4 billion people. The conventional medicine is used by 10 till 30 percent of people. Here are some facts about alternative medicine:

Facts about Alternative Medicine 1: the traditional Chinese medicine

The traditional Chinese medicine is very famous in the world. It spreads not only in China, but also in other countries in Asia, Africa and America.

Facts about Alternative Medicine 2: alternative medicine

The alternative medicine also becomes the courses in one half of all medical schools in the world.  Today, people are more interested to use alternative medicine because it is often associated with natural medicine. It has lower side effect compared to the conventional medicine. One of the conventional drugs is explained in facts about Alka Seltzer.

Alternative Medicine and Meditation

Alternative Medicine and Meditation

Facts about Alternative Medicine 3: Massage therapy

If your body feels tired, you can have Massage therapy rather than consuming the pain reliever drugs.  The massage therapy has been performed by the ancient people in Greece, Arabia, Asia and Orient.

Facts about Alternative Medicine 4: the legitimate medical practices

The alternative and complementary medicine therapies are included into the legitimate medical practices. The therapies include hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, counseling, behavioral medicine, and diet.

Alternative Medicine Facts

Alternative Medicine Facts

Facts about Alternative Medicine 5: Investment

Due to the popularity of alternative medicine, the investment for the research of complementary and alternative medicine is increased. The report finds out that NIH invests $40 million per year for the research.

Facts about Alternative Medicine 6: medical doctor

If you decide to take the alternative medicine, it is better for you to tell the medical doctor.  The report states that 2/3 people do not tell their medical doctor about it.

Alternative Medicine Tea

Alternative Medicine Tea

Facts about Alternative Medicine 7: Mind-body medicine

The alternative medicine is not only focused to heal the physics, but also the mind. The mind body medicine can be connected into various traditional techniques such as art therapy, relaxation, prayer, yoga and meditation.

Facts about Alternative Medicine 8: the herbal remedies

The examples of herbal remedies include Echinacea, ginkgo and ginseng. These ingredients are used during the treatment.



Facts about Alternative Medicine 9: types of herb remedies

The herb remedies can be consumed differently.  The patients can take the herbal remedies in the form of capsules, tablets, powder, syrups, teas and oils.

Facts about Alternative Medicine 10: Energy therapies

The alternative medicine is also supported with Energy therapies. They include magnet therapy, reiki, therapeutic touch and gi gong.

Facts about Alternative Medicine

Facts about Alternative Medicine

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