10 Facts about Althea Gibson

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Facts about Althea Gibson discuss the famous tennis player. She was an inspiration for the African American women who want to become a great tennis player. This woman is also a professional golfer. She took the record as the first black athlete who could broke the barrier of color line in international tennis competition. Find out more facts about Althea Gibson below:

Facts about Althea Gibson 1: Grand Slam title

During the French Open, Althea Gibson won a Grand Slam Title. She gained the record as the first person of color who could win such a prestigious title in 1956.

Facts about Althea Gibson 2: Female Athlete of the Year

The Associated Press selected her as the Female Athlete of the Year in 1957 and 1958. She was also the winner in Wimbledon and US Open.

Althea Gibson Facts

Althea Gibson Facts

Facts about Althea Gibson 3: International Tennis Hall of Fame

Most tennis players in the world wanted their name to be inducted. Althea Gibson’s name was inducted in International Women’s Sports Hall of Fame and International Tennis Hall of Fame. She was the winner in 11 Grand Slam tournaments. She got 6 double titles during the tournaments. What a fabulous record!

Facts about Althea Gibson 4: a golfer

She was also a professional golfer. She took the record as the first black player who could participate on the women’s professional gold tour in the beginning of 1960s. She was often compared to Jackie Robinson. During her time as a sport women, the racism and prejudice were still affected the life of the people. But Gibson could stand up on her own feet and impressed all people.

Althea Gibson Image

Althea Gibson Image

Facts about Althea Gibson 5: date of birth

Althea Gibson was born in Silver town in Clarendon County, South Carolina on 25 August 1927.

Facts about Althea Gibson 6: parents

Althea Gibson was not from a rich family. His parents only worked as sharecroppers on a cotton farm. Her parents were Daniel and Annie Bell Gibson. Find out another female athlete in Alex Morgan facts.

Althea Gibson Pic

Althea Gibson Pic

Facts about Althea Gibson 7: moving

Her family decided to relocate to Harlem in 1930 because of the Great Depression which affected their financial condition in the rural areas. In the new city, she had three sisters and a brother.

Facts about Althea Gibson 8: apartment

The family lived in an apartment. It was situated on 143rd Street. The children in the neighborhood were able to play an organized sport because it was a Police Athletic League plays area. It was barricaded during the daylight hours. Therefore, the children played sport here. Get facts about Alice Coachman here.

Althea Gibson Time

Althea Gibson Time

Facts about Althea Gibson 9: paddle tennis

Since Gibson really liked tennis, she was very proficient in this sport. She was the winner in New York City Women’s Paddle tennis champion when she was 12 years old.

Facts about Althea Gibson 10: death

Althea Gibson passed away on 28 September 2008 because of complication. She was 76 years old at that time.

Facts about Althea Gibson

Facts about Althea Gibson

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