10 Facts about Alton Towers

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Facts about Alton Towers present the details about the famous waterpark, theme park and hotel complex in United Kingdom. If you are visiting the county of Staffordshire, you have to come to Alton Towers with your family and friends and enjoy the scenery, rides and attraction. Here are some interesting facts about Alton Towers:

Facts about Alton Towers 1: the first public opening

The first public opening for Alton Towers was in 1860. In 1980, the theme park was build inside the area. At first, it was an only a garden and flower tour.

Facts about Alton Towers 2: Alton Towers Theme Park

The first opening of Alton Towers Theme Park was on 4 April 1980. The visitors can enjoy various kinds of attractions which include Congo River Rapids, Nemesis, The Smiler, Air, Oblivion, TH13TEEN and Hex – The Legend of the Towers. Find another interesting destination in Abbott Hall Farm facts here.

Alton Towers Facts

Alton Towers Facts

Facts about Alton Towers 3: the water park

Today, people can enjoy the waterpark inside Alton Towers. It was opened in June 2003. The visitors can try the slides and pools. One of the most fascinating attractions is Master Blaster water coaster.

Facts about Alton Towers 4: a tropical Caribbean theme

You can enjoy a tropical Caribbean theme on the Splash Landings Hotel and waterpark. It reminds you with the tropical atmosphere in the famous Caribbean islands.

Alton Towers

Alton Towers

Facts about Alton Towers 5: February Half-Term event

February Half-Term event is an event held by Alton Towers at the end of their closed seasons. It will be celebrated for 9 days. During the event, the park serves you with some rides such as Nemesis, Air, and Runaway Mine Train.

Facts about Alton Towers 6: Scarefest

The largest annual event in the resort is Scarefest. With an extended opening hour, the visitors can enjoy the costume characters and scare maze attraction. When the night comes, the areas inside the park and rides are decorated with lights.

Alton Towers Roller Coaster

Alton Towers Roller Coaster

Facts about Alton Towers 7: ten themed areas

If you are visiting Alton Towers, you can check out 10 themed parks here. They include X-Sector, Adventure Land, Towers Street, Mutiny Bay, Forbidden Valley, and Dark Forest.

Facts about Alton Towers 8: the capacity

Alton Towers can hold the visitors up to 28,000 people.  There were 3 million people visited Alton Towers in 2010.

Alton Towers UK

Alton Towers UK

Facts about Alton Towers 9: Katanga Canyon

Katanga Canyon resembles the African village. The famous rides include Congo River Rapids and runaway Mine Train. It was opened in 1992.

Facts about Alton Towers 10: Gloomy Wood

If you like to visit the haunted theme, you can get to Gloomy Wood. In 1992 till 2002, the famous ride in Gloomy Wood was The Haunted House.

Facts about Alton Towers

Facts about Alton Towers

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