10 Facts about Aluminum

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Facts about Aluminum talk about one of the important elements in the periodic table. It has the melting point at 1220.58°F or 660.32°C. The boiling point of aluminum is 4566°F or 2519°C. If you are curious to know more about the symbol, atomic number, and classification of aluminum, read the following explanation:

Facts about Aluminum 1: symbol and atomic weight and number

In the periodic table, the symbol of aluminum is Al. The atomic weight is 26.981.  The atomic number is 13. It is classified as a post transition metal. It is also called as a poor metal.  This element contains 13 protons and 13 electrons.  In the outer shell, you can find 13 valence electrons.

Facts about Aluminum 2: density

Aluminum has the density at 2.70 grams per cm cubed.  When aluminum is kept at room temperature, it comes in solid form.

Aluminum Facts

Aluminum Facts

Facts about Aluminum 3: the discovery of aluminum

In 1825, Hans Orsted discovered aluminum in 1825. In 1827, Friedrich Wohler isolated the first aluminum.

Facts about Aluminum 4: the standard condition

Let’s find out the standard condition of aluminum. This metal is lightweight. It has soft and strong texture. It is not easy for us to find out the pure aluminum on earth in free matter. The pure one is very reactive. The color of aluminum is silvery gray.

Aluminum Pic

Aluminum Pic

Facts about Aluminum 5: a non magnetic metal

Even though aluminum is included as a metal, it is non magnetic. But it can be used as a great conductor for heat and electricity. This item will never rust or corrode for a thin layer will be formed if the surface of aluminum is exposed to air. It is often made into alloy. Get facts about alloys here.

Facts about Aluminum 6: characteristics of aluminum

Aluminum is one of the important metals in the world. It is often used in various industries due to the malleability, ductility and low density characteristics. The malleability means that aluminum can be formed into a thin sheet. On the other hand, ductility applies since it can be stretched into a wire.



Facts about Aluminum 7: Earth Crust

The report states that aluminum is placed in the third position of the most abundant element on earth crust. It is often found in a compound or mineral. You can get it from cryolite, beryl, feldspar and turquoise. The free form of aluminum is very rare.

Facts about Aluminum 8: expensive process

The people have to spend a lot of cash when they want to extract aluminum from mineral. However, they can get the cost effective solution by extracting aluminum from ore bauxite.

Aluminum Image

Aluminum Image

Facts about Aluminum 9: benefits of using aluminum

Aluminum can be found in a lot of items today. It is due to the fact that it has low cost, abundant, great quality and lightweight.

Facts about Aluminum 10: the usage of aluminum

Aluminum is often used in power lines, alloy, bicycles, automobile parts, baseball bats, siding for houses, and many more. Get facts about aluminum cans here.

Facts about Aluminum

Facts about Aluminum

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