10 Facts about Aluminum Cans

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If you want to know one of the most popular packages, check Facts about Aluminum Cans. The can is made from aluminum. It is often used to pack beverages and foods. But you can also find this can to pack liquid, chemicals and oil. Get more facts about aluminum cans below:

Facts about Aluminum Cans 1: the mass

Let’s find out the mass of an aluminum can.  The mass is around 12.73 grams for an empty 12 fluid ounce size can.

Facts about Aluminum Cans 2: the easy opening

The aluminum cans have an easy opening for the food and beverages.

Aluminum Can Pictures

Aluminum Can Pictures

Facts about Aluminum Cans 3: the first usage of aluminum cans

In 1957, people started to use aluminum cans to pack food, beverages or liquids. Aluminum is selected as the main material for it gives greater ease. It has malleable characteristics. Therefore, the process of making aluminum into a can is very easy.

Facts about Aluminum Cans 4: the label

The label on the aluminum can be placed on the side of the can. It can be glued or printed directly on the can. The label is important in the industry since it shows you the content and brand of the product.

Aluminum Image

Aluminum Image

Facts about Aluminum Cans 5: two pieces

There are two pieces used to create most aluminum cans. The body and bottom of the cans are created from a flat plate or shallow up. They are drawn and ironed or drawn only. When the content has been poured inside the can, it will be sealed with aluminum on the top.

Facts about Aluminum Cans 6: the easy open aluminum can

Can you tell me the company which developed the easy open aluminum end for the beverage can? It was developed in 1962 by Alcoa for the Pittsburg Brewing Company. Today, most beverage cans are equipped with this easy opening end.

Aluminum Can Red

Aluminum Can Red

Facts about Aluminum Cans 7: recycled aluminum

To reduce the waste, the recycled aluminum is used as the main material to create aluminum can.

Facts about Aluminum Cans 8: Switzerland

Based on the data in Switzerland in 2012, there were at least 92 percent of the aluminum beverage cans created from the recycled aluminum.

Aluminum Cans Soda

Aluminum Cans Soda

Facts about Aluminum Cans 9: abundant metal

Aluminum can is made of aluminum. This metal element is abundant on earth crust.

Facts about Aluminum Cans 10: the benefits of using aluminum

The cans are created from aluminum because it presents many benefits. Aluminum can is cheap, lightweight, clean, rust resistant and easy to open. It can be used to make aluminum foil too. Get facts about Aluminum foil here.

Facts about Aluminum Cans

Facts about Aluminum Cans

Are you interested with facts about aluminum cans?

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