10 Facts about Aluminum Foil

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Facts about Aluminum Foil elaborate the ideas about thin metal leaves created from aluminum.  It is very thin since the thickness is less than 0.2 mm.  The most commonly used aluminum foil is the one with thickness 6 micrometers. Check out other facts about aluminum foil below:

Facts about Aluminum Foil 1: the standard household aluminum foil

Let’s find out the standard size of household aluminum foil.  The thickness is around 06.3 mils or 0.016 mm. If you choose the heavy duty household aluminum foil, it has the thickness at 0.94 miles or 0.024 mm.

Facts about Aluminum Foil 2: characteristics of aluminum foil

Can you mention the characteristics of aluminum foil? This item can be used to wrap other objects since it is very pliable. To make this item more useful, the manufactures often mix it with other materials such as plastic and paper to avoid the fragile characteristics.

Aluminum Foil Facts

Aluminum Foil Facts

Facts about Aluminum Foil 3: the annual production of aluminum foil

Based on the data in 2003, the United States produced 660,000 tons or 600,000 tonnes of aluminum foil. The production of aluminum foil is higher in Europe.  The continent produced around 880,000 tons or 800,000 tonnes of aluminum foil.

Facts about Aluminum Foil 4: the main usage

Aluminum foil is very useful in our daily life. Most of them are used for packaging chemical products, cosmetics, and food.  It can be used for industrial application. For example, it is used in the electronic, cables and thermal insulation.

Aluminum Foil Image

Aluminum Foil Image

Facts about Aluminum Foil 5: the name

Some people call this item aluminium foil, while others call it aluminum foil. Aluminum foil is the common tern used by the people in North America. In Australia, it is called alfoil.

Facts about Aluminum Foil 6: the leading manufacturer

The leading manufacturer of aluminum foil is Reynolds Metals. This company popularized the term aluminum foil in the continent.

Aluminum Foil Pic

Aluminum Foil Pic

Facts about Aluminum Foil 7: tin foil

A different term is used to call aluminum foil in United States and United Kingdom.   It is called as a tin foil informally. Get facts about aluminum here.

Facts about Aluminum Foil 8: Metallised films

If you think that Metallised films are a form of aluminum foil, you are totally wrong. Both are different materials. Metallised films are the polymer films.  A thin layer of aluminum is used to cover coat the films.

Aluminum Foil Pictures

Aluminum Foil Pictures

Facts about Aluminum Foil 9: the chocolate bars

Bern-based Tobler used aluminum foil to wrap the chocolate bars in 1911.

Facts about Aluminum Foil 10: Maggi

Maggi was a manufacturer which used aluminum foil to pack the stock cubes and soups in 1912. Today Maggi is a Nestle Brand.

Facts about Aluminum Foil

Facts about Aluminum Foil

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