10 Facts about Alvin Ailey

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Facts about Alvin Ailey talk about the famous African-American activist and choreographer.  He was the founder of Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater in New York City. He lived on 5 January 1931 and passed away on 1 December 1989. Here are some interesting facts about Alvin Ailey for you:

Facts about Alvin Ailey 1: the popular modern dance

Alvin Ailey took the credit for the African American choreographer who popularized the modern dance. He also revolutionized the participation of African American in concert dance in 20th century.

Facts about Alvin Ailey 2: international touring

His company gains a lot of recognitions because of the widespread international tours. There is no need to wonder that it gains the reputation as the Cultural Ambassador to the World.

Alvin Ailey Choreography

Alvin Ailey Choreography

Facts about Alvin Ailey 3: the famous work

Let’s find out the famous work of Alvin Ailey.   The most often seen modern dance performance by Ailey was Revelations. It is called has his best known masterpiece.

Facts about Alvin Ailey 4: a medal

Due to his contribution to the African American society, NAACP awarded him with Spingarn Medal in 1977. A year before his death, he was awarded with Kennedy Center Honors in 1988.

Alvin Ailey Facts

Alvin Ailey Facts

Facts about Alvin Ailey 5: Presidential Medal of Freedom

Even though Ailey was not with us anymore, he is an honorable man. He was chosen as a posthumous recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Barack Obama.

Facts about Alvin Ailey 6: parents

His mother was only 17 years old when he gave birth to Ailey. Her name was Lula Elizabeth Ailey.  The name of his father was Alvin. When Ailey was only six months old, he was neglected by his father.

Alvin Ailey Dance

Alvin Ailey Dance

Facts about Alvin Ailey 7:  a hard time

His childhood time was not good since he was raised by his mother during the Great Depression. They lived in Texas and but they moved in various place. It is hard for them to get jobs.

Facts about Alvin Ailey 8: rape

When his mother was 22 years old, she was raped by a group of white men. This incident made him developed fear of white men.

Alvin Ailey Modern Dance

Alvin Ailey Modern Dance

Facts about Alvin Ailey 9: dancing

He was very serious of dance when he was introduced to the Hollywood Studio at Lester Hornon by his school friend Carmen De Lavallade in 1949. Get facts about African dance here.

Facts about Alvin Ailey 10: dancing styles

There are many dancing styles and techniques that he learned such as Native American dance, jazz and classical ballet dance.

Facts about Alvin Ailey

Facts about Alvin Ailey

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