10 Facts about Alvin C. York

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Facts about Alvin C. York tell you about the one of the most significant American soldiers during World War I. many people always call him as Sergeant York based on his rank. He was born on 13 December 1887 and passed away on 2 September 1964. Find out more facts about him below:

Facts about Alvin C. York 1: place of birth

Alvin C. York was born with the full name Alvin Cullum York in a two room log cabin. It is located near Pall Mall, Tennessee.  His father was William Uriah York. His mother was Mary Elizabeth Brooks. There were eleven children in the family and he was the third child.

Facts about Alvin C. York 2: the York Family

The family decided to settle in Indian Creek area of Fentress County. They had the Scots-Irish and English heritage.

Alvin C. York Battle

Alvin C. York Battle

Facts about Alvin C. York 3: the jobs of the family

His father worked as a blacksmith.  The mother was a housewife who knitted all of the clothing supplies for the family members. The men in the family produced the food.

Facts about Alvin C. York 4: death of his father

In November 1911, his father died. Since Alvin’s two older brothers had married and relocated, he had to support his mother financially to help her raising the younger siblings.

Alvin C. York Facts

Alvin C. York Facts

Facts about Alvin C. York 5: the jobs

There were various jobs that he had tried to support the family. At first, he worked in railroad construction. Then he switched the job as a logger. He was a devoted man who loved his family and wanted to give the best for the family.

Facts about Alvin C. York 6: personality

He had a bad behavior. He always fought when he drank alcohol.  He was arrested several times after making disturbance in the neighborhood.  His mother persuaded him to change his behavior since she was a very devoted Protestant.

Alvin C. York Photo

Alvin C. York Photo

Facts about Alvin C. York 7: the application in the military

York’s application was being considered and he started his training as a soldier in November 1917 at Camp Gordon, Georgia.

Facts about Alvin C. York 8: service

He was in the Company G, 328th Infantry Regiment, and 82nd Infantry Division at Camp Gordon, Georgia. This man was very brave and strong.

Alvin C. York Picture

Alvin C. York Picture

Facts about Alvin C. York 9: Medal of Honor

Alvin C York got the Medal of Honor during his action in the United States-led portion of the Meuse-Argonne Offensive in France on 8 October 1918. Get facts about Albert Jacka here.

Facts about Alvin C. York 10: a leader

His action during the war was very inspiring. He was leader during the attack on a German machine gun nest. He was able to kill 28 German soldiers, captured 132 soldiers, and took 32 machine guns.

Facts about Alvin C. York

Facts about Alvin C. York

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