10 Facts about Alzheimer’s disease

Tuesday, January 6th 2015. | Medical

Let’s discuss Facts about Alzheimer’s disease if you want to know the progressive brain disorder.   When people have Alzheimer, their intellectual and memory abilities will be decreased. The disease damages the brain cells. Find out more interesting facts about Alzheimer in the following post below:

Facts about Alzheimer’s disease 1: dementia

One of the common forms of dementia is Alzheimer. The lay people understand the disease as the loss of the intellectual abilities and memory.  This disease is very fatal. There is no cure ever found for Alzheimer.

Facts about Alzheimer’s disease 2: a low moving disease

Alzheimer is included as a slow moving disease. The patients of Alzheimer will experience memory loss gradually. Then they will experience the severe brain cell damage.

Alzheimer's Disease Brain

Alzheimer’s Disease Brain

Facts about Alzheimer’s disease 3: death

In America, Alzheimer is ranked on the sixth position of the leading cause of death.

Facts about Alzheimer’s Disease 4: Dr. Alois Alzheimer

The name of the disease was taken from the name of Dr. Alois Alzheimer.  He was a neuropathologist who made an autopsy on one woman who died after having memory loss, unpredictable behaviors and language problems in 1906.

Alzheimer's Disease Detection

Alzheimer’s Disease Detection

Facts about Alzheimer’s disease 5: the characteristics of the disease

Dr. Alzheimer found out the characteristics of the disease after conducting the research. They include neurofibrillary tangles and amyloid plaques.

Facts about Alzheimer’s disease 6: a blood test

A blood test can be conducted to predict whether a person will develop Alzheimer disease or not in the future.   It was a result of the researches conducted on healthy persons. The result of the research was published on 9 March 2014. Check out facts about ALS here.

Alzheimer's Disease Diagnosis

Alzheimer’s Disease Diagnosis

Facts about Alzheimer’s disease 7: age

When people get older, the chance of having Alzheimer is increased. The risk is doubled every five years after you are 65 years old. If you are affected with Alzheimer, the first symptoms of having this disease appear after you are more than 60 years old.

Facts about Alzheimer’s disease 8: head trauma

The head trauma also contributes a lot to the risk of having Alzheimer.  There is a possibility for the people to develop Alzheimer if they experience the loss of consciousness and repeated trauma.

Alzheimer's Disease Facts

Alzheimer’s Disease Facts

Facts about Alzheimer’s disease 9: the family history and heart health

The risk of developing Alzheimer also increases if there are many family members who develop it. The high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol also play important parts of having Alzheimer. Find out facts about ALD here.

Facts about Alzheimer’s disease 10: Symptoms

The symptoms of Alzheimer include memory loss, confusion, weight loss, trouble of handling money, seizures, personality changes, paranoia, increased sleeping, delusion, and lack of control of bowel and bladder.

Facts about Alzheimer's Disease

Facts about Alzheimer’s Disease

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