10 Facts about Amanda Wakeley

Tuesday, January 6th 2015. | Fashion

Facts about Amanda Wakeley give you the detail about the famous British fashion designer.  She was born on 15 September 1962. Her signature style of fashion is clean glam. Her collection is very impressive. You can pick the evening gown or even the daywear clothes from her label. Check out more facts about Amanda Wakeley by reading the following post below:

Facts about Amanda Wakeley 1: Wekeley’s collection

Wakeley’s collection focuses more on the glamorous cocktail and evening dresses. You can also check out her glamorous accessories. Now she also presents the chic daywear clothing line.

Facts about Amanda Wakeley 2: the bridal collection

She also owns a bridal collection brand. It is called Sposa. You can also check out the collection of fine jewelry and accessories.

Amanda Wakeley Facts

Amanda Wakeley Facts

Facts about Amanda Wakeley 3: the royal families

She is very famous as a fashion designer. There is no need to wonder that she dresses up various members of the royal families such as Queen Rania of Jordan, The Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Diana.  Get facts about Alex Perry here.

Facts about Amanda Wakeley 4: the red carpet appearance

Since most of her gowns are exclusive and glamorous, there are many high profile celebrities who choose her collection to appear on the red carpet. You can see Florence Welch, Angelina Jolie, Kate Winslet, Helen Miren and Beyonce sporting her evening gown.

Amanda Wakeley Gown

Amanda Wakeley Gown

Facts about Amanda Wakeley 5: Naomi Harris

Naomi Harris is a famous actress that you can see in the newest movie of James Bond 007, Skyfall. You can see her wearing the Wakeley’s gown in the movie.

Facts about Amanda Wakeley 6: the store

If you want to visit her store, you can go to the flagship store in Fulham Road Chelsea. You can also check out her official website to shop.

Amanda Wakeley Pic

Amanda Wakeley Pic

Facts about Amanda Wakeley 7: brand

Her brand is very famous in the world. Besides having her own stores, she also collaborated with the fashion and luxury retailers in Middle East, America and Europe.

Facts about Amanda Wakeley 8: passion of fashion

Since her early age, she has the passion of fashion. In 1990, she launched her signature line by having a small boutique in Chelsea, London.

Amanda Wakeley's Dress

Amanda Wakeley’s Dress

Facts about Amanda Wakeley 9: the fashion icon

After she had her own small boutique, she became famous. The late Prince Diana loved her collection. She began to dress up the most stylist women in London.  Get facts about Alexander McQueen here.

Facts about Amanda Wakeley 10: awards

There are numerous awards that she had received. One of them is British fashion award.

Facts about Amanda Wakeley

Facts about Amanda Wakeley

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