10 Facts about Amarillo

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Facts about Amarillo tell you about the famous city in Texas. The name of the city was taken from the name of a yellow grass which grows in that region. In the past, people often called the city, Oneida. One of the significant industries in Amarillo is Helium. There is no need to wonder that it is called as the helium capital of the world. Find out more facts about Amarillo below:

Facts about Amarillo 1: Palo Duro Canyon

Even though Palo Duro Canyon is not the largest canyon, it takes the second position as the largest canyon after Grand Canyon.   If you are in Amarillo, you have to come here and enjoy the interesting canyon.

Facts about Amarillo 2: popular movies

There are several popular movies filmed in Amarillo.  The Last Crusade and Indiana Jones have been filmed here due to the wonderful landscape.

Amarillo Facts

Amarillo Facts

Facts about Amarillo 3: the cattle

If you are visiting Amarillo, you can find a lot of cattle there. Thus, this city is called as the cattle shipping capital in America.  You can also find the largest cattle ranches in Amarillo. Get facts about Almeria here.

Facts about Amarillo 4: The English Field Air & Space Museum

One of the famous attractions in Amarillo is The English Field Air & Space Museum. It enables the visitors to learn about the aerospace.

Amarillo Pic

Amarillo Pic

Facts about Amarillo 5: The Harrington House Historic Home

In 1914, The Harrington House Historic Home was built. Now it is used as the main attraction in the city. Don and Sybil Harrington owned the building in 1940. They were the leaders in the oil and gas industry who did a lot of philanthropic work.

Facts about Amarillo 6: other types of attraction in Amarillo

Other attractions in Amarillo include The Don Harrington Discovery Center & Space Theater and The American Quarter Horse Association Hall of Fame & Museum. The latter enables you to get information about the educational program and interactive exhibit. If you visit the former, you can get the information about the horse breed. Find facts about Alicante here.

Amarillo Texas

Amarillo Texas

Facts about Amarillo 7: the famous country singer

Lacey Brown is the famous country singer. She calls Amarillo as her home city.

Facts about Amarillo 8: Big Texan steakhouse

Big Texan Steakhouse is based in Amarillo. If you can eat a 72-ounce steak in the Big Texan House for less than an hour, you can have a free dinner.

Amarillo Town

Amarillo Town

Facts about Amarillo 9: Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport

Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport is a unique airport since the name was taken from Amarillo native who became the NASA astronaut.

Facts about Amarillo 10: economy

Amarillo lays their economy on tourism industry, petrochemicals, heavy manufacturing, modern ranching and farming.

Facts about Amarillo

Facts about Amarillo

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