10 Facts about Amazon Tribes

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Facts about Amazon Tribes inform you with the Amazonian Indian tribes who live in Amazon rainforest. They are often called as Amerindians. Today, the report states that there are 400 till 500 indigenous tribes in the Amazon tribes. Here are some facts about Amazon tribes for you:

Facts about Amazon Tribes 1: contact with the outside world

Even though there are 400 to 500 indigenous tribes in Amazon rainforest, 50 of them have never been exposed to the outside world. These tribes have their own social life. The kids will never go to school. They only learn from the elder persons in the group.

Facts about Amazon Tribes 2: the largest tribe

Can you mention the largest tribe in Amazon rainforest?  It is the Yanomani tribe. There are 20,000 members of this tribe.  You can find them living near the border of Southern Venezuela and Northern Brazil. Get Tehran tribe in facts about aboriginal culture.

Amazon Tribe Image

Amazon Tribe Image

Facts about Amazon Tribes 3: the smallest tribe

The smallest tribes who live in Amazon rainforest include the Kanoe and Akuntsu. The members of both tribes are less than 30 members.

Facts about Amazon Tribes 4: fruits and veggies

The Amazon tribes grow their own vegetables and fruits. They like beans, acai berry, corn, papayas, bananas and manioc. The super fruit loved by these tribes is the acai berry.

Amazon Tribe

Amazon Tribe

Facts about Amazon Tribes 5: reduction of population

The population of Amazon tribes is decreased because of the legal and illegal activities. The oil development, war, deforestation, and drug trafficking can be the main reasons for the decline of the tribe population. However, Brazil has created a plan to protect the tribes in Amazon rainforest.

Facts about Amazon Tribes 6: languages

There are at least 180 different kinds of languages spoken by the indigenous Amazon tribes. There is no need to wonder that they have different heritage, languages and cultures.

Amazon Tribes Facts

Amazon Tribes Facts

Facts about Amazon Tribes 7: the house

The house built the Amazon tribes is called as the communal house. The bamboos are used as the structure of the house.  Straw, banana leaves or palm leaves are used to cover the house.

Facts about Amazon Tribes 8: minimal clothing

The Amazon tribes always wear the minimal clothing when they have contact with the outsiders. When they have no contact with the outside people, they do not wear any clothes. The minimal clothing is made from the natural resources in the forest.

Amazon Tribes Houses

Amazon Tribes Houses

Facts about Amazon Tribes 9: Satere Mawe

Satere Mawe is a common ritual for a boy to become a man. The boys have to wear gloves with bullet ants inside.

Facts about Amazon Tribes 10: animism

Animism is the belief of most Amazon tribes.  They believe that the animal spirits are in all animate and inanimate things.

Facts about Amazon Tribes

Facts about Amazon Tribes

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