10 Facts about Ambulances

Thursday, January 8th 2015. | Medical

Facts about Ambulances inform you a vehicle used for transporting the injured or sick people. In some cases, the ambulances are functioned to give the patient hospital medical care. If you are interest to know the history, functions and definition of ambulance, check out the following post below:

Facts about Ambulances 1: the term ambulance

Many people always define ambulance with a four wheel vehicle used to transport the injured or pick people to the hospital. Actually the term ambulance can be applied in wide ranger too.  It is not limited to the four wheel vehicles which have sirens and flashing warning lights. The term ambulance is also used for urgent and non urgent vehicles such as station wagons, boats, trucks, bicycles, vans, hospital ship and many more.

Facts about Ambulances 2: the Latin word

The word ambulance is derived from the Latin word, ambulare. The meaning is to walk or move about.  In the practice, the patients or injured people will be wheeled or lifted.

Ambulance Cute

Ambulance Cute

Facts about Ambulances 3: the American civil war

Ambulance wagon was a vehicle used during the American civil war.  The vehicle was used to transport the wounded soldiers off the battlefield.

Facts about Ambulances 4: Field hospitals

During the Franco-Prussian War in 1870 and Serbo-Turkish war in 1876, the term ambulance was used to call Field hospitals.

Ambulance Lights

Ambulance Lights

Facts about Ambulances 5: types of ambulances

There are many types of ambulance. The most common one that you can find in your area is the patient transport ambulance.   You can call it ambulette too. The main function is just to transport the patient.

Facts about Ambulances 6: the ancient time

Ambulance had been used in the ancient time using the simple vehicle such as carts.

Ambulances Image

Ambulances Image

Facts about Ambulances 7: the emergency transport

In 1487, the Spanish used ambulance as the first emergency transport.

Facts about Ambulances 8: the modern ambulance

The modern ambulance had been used in 19th and 20th century.



Facts about Ambulances 9: Emergency ambulance

The most common type of ambulance is emergency ambulance.  This ambulance is used by the patients with acute injury and illness.

Facts about Ambulances 10: the air ambulance

The types of air ambulances include helicopters and fixed wing aircrafts. Get facts about aircraft here.

Facts about Ambulances

Facts about Ambulances

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