10 Facts about Amelia Earhart

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Facts about Amelia Earhart talk about the important woman in the history of aviation. She was the major female pilot in the world. Even though she was a legend, her death is still mystery after her disappearance. Find out more about Amelia Earhart below:

Facts about Amelia Earhart 1: Last Flight

You can check out the collections of diary entries of American Earhart in Last Flight. In this diary she talked about her feeling when she saw an airplane for the first time. She was really impressed.

Facts about Amelia Earhart 2: the interest on an airplane

She developed the interest on an airplane when she got a job at Toronto’s Spadina Military Hospital. She would like to spend her time with friends in the flying field and hangars. She watched the aerial shows and often talked to the pilot.

Amelia Earhart Facts

Amelia Earhart Facts

Facts about Amelia Earhart 3: a passenger

Amelia Earhart was not a pilot even though she was interested with an airplane. She became a passenger of an airplane until 1920.

Facts about Amelia Earhart 4: education

In 1919, she enrolled at Columbia University and took the pre med classes. She was out of this university a year later even though she had good grade. In 1925, she decided to study in that University again but she finally left it. Then she went to Harvard for the summer classes and gave up since she could not earn the scholarship from MIT.

Amelia Earhart Pic

Amelia Earhart Pic

Facts about Amelia Earhart 5: Neta Snook

Neta Snook gave Earhart flying lessons in 1921 at Kinner Field. Amelia had to pay $1 for each minute that they spent on air. Snook was an important woman in the aviation business since she owned a commercial airfield and aviation business.

Facts about Amelia Earhart 6: the first plane

It was very surprising to know that Amelia could buy her own plane within six months after her flying lesson. The Canary is the name of her first airplane.

Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart

Facts about Amelia Earhart 7: the price

The price of the airplane was $2000. She bought this yellow Kinner Airster even though Snook told her that the plane was overpriced, under power and difficult for the beginner. Get facts about Airplanes here.

Facts about Amelia Earhart 8: Amy Earhart

Amy Earhart is the mother of Amelia Earhart. This woman supported the hobby of his daughter by using some of her inheritance money to buy the plane.

Amelia Earhart Image

Amelia Earhart Image

Facts about Amelia Earhart 9: the record

Amelia Earhart took the record as the first woman who flew across the Atlantic as a passenger in 1928. In 1932, she took the record as a pilot for the solo and nonstop from coast to coast.

Facts about Amelia Earhart 10: death

On 2 July 1937, the airplane of Amelia Earhart vanished.  On 19 July, people ended their official search to look for Amelia Earhart. There are many theories about her disappearance.

Facts about Amelia Earhart

Facts about Amelia Earhart

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