10 Facts about Amendment One

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Facts about Amendment One tell you about the North Carolina Amendment. People often call it Amendment 1. This amendment refers to constitutional amendment in North Carolina.   The function is to make it unconstitutional for the North Carolina state to perform or recognize the same sex marriage or civil unions. Find out more facts about amendment one below:

Facts about Amendment One 1: the domestic partnership

Even though the amendment one is used to make the same sex marriage and civil union unconstitutional, the domestic partnership is not prohibited.

Facts about Amendment One 2: the voters

This amendment 1 is accepted or not, it depends on the North Carolina voters. 61.04 percent of the North Carolina voters approved the amendment. The voters who turned down the amendment 1 were 38.96 percent. The vote was held on 8 May 2012.

Amendment One facts

Amendment One facts

Facts about Amendment One 3: the state law about marriage

Based on the constitution in North Carolina, the marriage is defined between men and women.

Facts about Amendment One 4: the federal court

On 10 October 2014, the federal court decided that the amendment 1 was unconstitutional.

Amendment One Image

Amendment One Image

Facts about Amendment One 5: the bill

The introduction of Senate Bill 514 was in legislative session North Carolina in 2011. Peter Brunstetter was the Republican state senator who sponsored the bill. In September 2011, North Carolina General Assembly passed the bill. Check out facts about American government here.

Facts about Amendment One 6: banning the marriage between the same sex couple

The experts begin to study the wording used in Amendment 1. Those experts include Rachel Blunk, Maxine Eichner, Holning Lau, and Barbara Fedders. They stated that the wording in the bill presented the legal implication that the marriage between the same sexes was banned.

Amendment One North Carolina

Amendment One North Carolina

Facts about Amendment One 7: the implication

The domestic partner benefits will not be received by the all unmarried couples which include the opposite sex and the same sex and their children.

Facts about Amendment One 8: the violence and stalking protection

Another implication of domestic partnership based on the amendment is that the unmarried couples do not have protection against the stalking protection and domestic violence.

Amendment One Pic

Amendment One Pic

Facts about Amendment One 9: Public Policy Polling

There was a Public Policy Polling conducted in April 2012. More than 40 percent of the voters in North California realized that the Amendment 1 banned the same sex marriage and civil unions.

Facts about Amendment One 10: the effect

From 40 percent of the voters who realized the ban of the same sex marriage and civil unions, 38 percent of them supported it. 60 percent of them were against it.

facts about Amendment One

facts about Amendment One

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