10 Facts about Amenhotep III

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Check out Facts about Amenhotep III if you are interested with the ninth pharaoh of 18th dynasty in Egypt. This famous pharaoh is also called as Amenhotep the Magnificent. He was the son of Thutmose IV. His mother was Mutemwiya. She was only a minor wife. Here are the interesting facts Amenhotep III:

Facts about Amenhotep III 1: the reign

There are different sources about the reign of Amenhotep III. Some sources believed that he was a pharaoh of Egypt from June 1386 till 1349 BC. Others believed that he ruled from June 1388 BC till December 1351 BC.

Facts about Amenhotep III 2: the extraordinary period

When Amenhotep III was a pharaoh, his region was filled with great prosperity. Egypt could hold the international power. The art was flourished in this state. Find out another great leader in Alexander The Great facts.

Amenhotep III Facts

Amenhotep III Facts

Facts about Amenhotep III 3: father and mother

As I have stated before his father was Thutmose IV. He was the son of Amenhotep II. His mother was Mutemwiya who gave both Amenhotep III in 1388 BC.

Facts about Amenhotep III 4: Thutmosid family

Amenhotep III is member of the powerful and famous Thutmosid family. Since the reign of Thutmose I, the family had ruled Egypt for almost 150 years.

Amenhotep III Image

Amenhotep III Image

Facts about Amenhotep III 5: death

Amenhotep III passed away probably was in his 39th year during his reign as a pharaoh. The power as the pharaoh went to Amenhotep IV. But he changed his name into Akhenaten.

Facts about Amenhotep III 6: sons

There were two sons that Amenhotep III had with his Great Royal Wife Tiye. His first son, the Crown Prince Thutmose died before his father. Therefore, the second son, Amenhotep IV got the power.

Amenhotep III Pictures

Amenhotep III Pictures

Facts about Amenhotep III 7: Smenkhkare

Smenkhkare is the third child of Amenhotep III. He ruled Egypt for a short period of time after the death of Akhenaten.

Facts about Amenhotep III 8: daughters

There were four daughters that Amenhotep III had. Those included Sitamun, Henuttaneb, Isis and Nebetah.

Amenhotep III Statues

Amenhotep III Statues

Facts about Amenhotep III 9: the statues and reliefs

If you look at the statues and reliefs, the daughters appeared frequently with their father. But Nebetah was on the exception.

Facts about Amenhotep III 10: great royal wife

Sitamun and Isis were elevated at the office of great royal wife during the last decade of Amenhotep III’s reign. Even though it was weird to marry his daughter, actually he had a reason. It was used to strengthen the offspring which succeeded his throne in the future.

Facts about Amenhotep III

Facts about Amenhotep III

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