10 Facts about American Bulldogs

Friday, January 9th 2015. | Animals

Facts about American Bulldogs talk about the cute dog in the world. In France, this dog breed in ranked in the 18th position of the most popular breed. In America, it is located in the 6th position. In Los Angeles, it takes the first position of the most popular dog. People will like to have a bulldog at home for it is funny and cute. Get more facts about American bulldogs below:

Facts about American Bulldogs 1: Warren G. Harding

The only United States President who had a bulldog in his office is Warren G. Harding. Oh Boy was his bulldog. When he died, he replaced the dog with Laddie Boy. It was an Airedale terrier.

Facts about American Bulldogs 2: Brigitte

Brigitte was the first bulldog which won a Golden Collar Award. On Modern Family, she played as Stella. During the award function, Brigitte defeated other dogs like Chelsea Lately, Hot in Cleveland, Entourage, and Suburgatory.

American Bulldog Image

American Bulldog Image

Facts about American Bulldogs 3: the origin

Even though the bulldog is termed as American bulldog, it was originated from England in 16th century. The people believe that bulldog is a mixture between pugs and mastiffs.

Facts about American Bulldogs 4: is bulldog aggressive?

American bulldogs will show their aggression when they meet a stranger. But they are very loving, caring and protective toward the family.

American Bulldog Pictures

American Bulldog Pictures

Facts about American Bulldogs 5: training

The American bulldogs can be trained easily when they are six months old.  You can make them obedient to the master. You can ask the bulldogs to sit, stand, play, or come to you. The master can control it easily. Get facts about African wild Dogs.

Facts about American Bulldogs 6: children

If you live with your children, the American bulldogs are totally harmless. They are very protective, caring and loving toward the children. But you need to give close supervision on the children to make sure that they are safe.

American Bulldog

American Bulldog

Facts about American Bulldogs 7: exercise

You do not need to ask the bulldog to do plenty exercise since it can make them mellow during the day. This dog is very energetic. You just have to take him on the walk or play at the park.

Facts about American Bulldogs 8: the main health problem

If you decide to have American bulldogs, you have to be careful with their health problem. The hip dysplasia should be concerned.

American Bulldogs White

American Bulldogs White

Facts about American Bulldogs 9: shed

When the changing season comes, the short fur of American bulldogs always shed. Get facts about Akitas here.

Facts about American Bulldogs 10: the life span

American bulldogs have the life span around 10 to 11 years old.

Facts about American Bulldogs

Facts about American Bulldogs

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